I mean who knew Pebbelz was on the run to be considered a ‘Fugitve’, But Apparently this past thurs Natasha Stewart aka Pebbelz and Her Co-D, 21-year-old Shannetria Newberry were bagged and charged with aggravated assault, failure to appear on a felony case, bodily harm, and criminal forfeiture. Hit the Jump to see what this is Stemming from???

Tat Wza

So at some point Pebbelz was ‘questioned’ in Tenn ‘for the death of a Mississippi woman who was murdered by way of an injection of concrete into her buttocks.’ according to Vladtv. Apparently she was ‘referring’ people to the Dr. that caused the destruction, so what happened they questioned her(with a lawyer), let her go, figured they would charge her, asked the lawyer to have her surrender and she just happened to take a trip at the same damn time, and somebody got a bloody nose or something cause both are charged with “aggravated assault” 0_0

We’ll have to follow this case