Former New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin who was mayor when Hurricane Katrina hit, has been brought up on 21 charges of corruption. Nagin rose to fame following his actions dealing with the aftermath of Katrina and making such remarks like NOLA would be a “chocolate city” as well as “God is mad at America.” He even wrote a book, “Katrina’s Secrets: Storms After the Storm.” Nagin plead guilty to the charges he is currently facing back in 2010 after his failed third attempt at being mayor. Although he won by a landslide when he ran to be mayor for his second term, his slow movement in rebuilding NOLA post Katrina is what ultimately made him lose his third run and drove him away from political offices in general. Nagin is being charged with a bunch of felonies including taking bribes. Find out more about his charges below.

Julie A.

The charges against Ray Nagin include wire fraud, bribery, money laundering, filing false tax returns, conspiracy, and more. Nagin plead guilty to the charges along with two former city officials and two businessmen following a City Hall corruption investigation.