Remember about 2 weeks ago when we did a story the day 7 coaches wound up getting fired in the NFL the first Monday after the regular season was over, called “Black Monday”? Remember later that week, one more coach was fired to bring the total to 8? Well with the Cardinals hiring Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, that officially closes the last coaching spot that was still open. Things move fast in the NFL, and it is not always the game itself. Arians made the most out of an unexpected opportunity. He was promoted to Colts interim head coach for most of the season while Head coach Chuck Pagano underwent cancer treatment. In his absence the Colts went 9-3 with a rookie quarterback. You can bet your ass that was a major reason the Cardinals offered Arians the job, which he definitely deserved. Hit the link below after the jump for more.

Cardinals Hired Arians