It’s a baaaad week to be a female in a relationship. We got one man biting off his girl’s thumb and NOW, this dude, Carlos Diaz decided to set his wife on fire with a blow-torch. What’s up with the sadistic ways? The wife had kicked her husband out the house three years ago and I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons he doused her with accelerant and put a flame to her after luring her into his truck (which was technically his home). The wife, Cathy Zapata said that it was raining outside so she jumped out and threw herself into a puddle. Diaz then hoped back into his car, sped off, but NOT before trying to run the wife over. Zapata was not worried about any of the physical harm to herself, but she called the baby-sitter before she called the police. She thought that was his next stop. His next stop was actually to an old landlord, who kicked him out two years ago. Diaz threatened to set him and his auto-body shop on fire as well, but the lighter gave out. Lucky! It must be in the water, because these men have lost it. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

NY Daily News