Seriously?!  Did I just read that right? Draft bust JaMarcus Russell want to make a return to the NFL?! Ahhhh hahahahahahaaa. Oh wait. That’s not a joke?!  Oh.  Didn’t he try this in 2010/2011 and now he thinks it’s going to work?  ok. Good luck!
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According to Kevin Patra at

The former Oakland Raiders quarterback, who hasn’t taken a single NFL snap since 2009, told Yahoo! Sports he’s dropped from 320 pounds to 308 pounds and is ready to bury past criticisms.

“The last few years, the things going through my life, football is my job and it is how it feeds my family,” he said. “People would say (that) I didn’t love the game but that pisses me off. People don’t know the real you but I want people to know the real me and see what I can do. People are always saying that I’m a bust. I want show them I’m not. I’m committed to this now.”

According to the report, Russell will work out with a bevy of former NFL players including NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk, quarterback Jeff Garcia and former Olympic track star Ato Boldon.

Russell’s three seasons in Oakland were so disastrous he’s been called the greatest bust of all time and theRaiders refused to give his No. 2 to Terrelle Pryor in 2011 when the rookie quarterback requested the number. Before being cut in 2010, Russell was replaced by Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye, then the Raiders traded for Jason Campbell to take his place.