A bill was introduced in New Mexico on Wednesday that would make abortions after rape illegal. According to the bill, the fetus could and should be used as evidence for a sexual assault trial. If a woman who gets pregnant after being raped gets an abortion, she faces felony charges of tampering with evidence which can lead to a woman being sentenced to jail for up to three years. The bill was introduced by Republican Cathrynn Brown who claims that the bill is more to punish those who commit rape. It sounds to me like more punishment for those who have been raped. I can’t imagine how horrific it is to be raped, yet alone get pregnant as a result of being raped. The bill is currently being fought and being called “blatantly unconstitutional.” Read more below.

Julie A.
Pat Davis of ProgressNow New Mexico was one of the first to fight the bill. Thankfully, it is being reported that the bill is unlikely to be passed. Brown was trying to make rape illegal in anyway that she can and this was yet another one of her attempts. Like most Republicans, Brown probably doesn’t believe that a woman can get pregnant from being raped.