I’m usually awake for the twitter antics (most choose late at night to air each other out).  But since I missed this one I went to my girl Stiletto Jill’s site to catchup and this one is crazy.  Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy went at his baby mother Steph on twitter last night with the help of his new girlfriend Sydney and boy was it ugly.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

There’s a lot of tweets to keep up with so I’ll give you a little summary then you can check the tweets out if you want to see exactly what was said.

Ok so apparently LeSean (@CutonDime25) had a child with Steph (@Angelface0330) back in April of last year, the child’s name is LeSean McCoy Jr.  According to LeSean he had sex with Steph within a week of meeting her and didn’t even know her name.  He also claims she lied about being on birth control.  *Pause* You’re a rich NFL player and you have sex with someone you don’t know, don’t use a condom and believe when she says she’s on birth control?  Oh to be young, dumb and rich…

Anyways LeSean and Steph are having issues because according to her he’s a deadbeat dad who only recently reentered his son’s life.  According to LeSean her and her family are living off him.  In comes LeSean’s new girlfriend, Sydney (@CoverGirlDro).  Apparently Sydney spends a lot of time with LeSean Jr. which of course pisses off Steph.  Sydney told Steph on Twitter that Steph’s son loves her. Steph told Sydney to have her own baby and stop trying to play stepmom to her child.  Oh and Steph was kind enough to let everyone know that LeSean has HERPES, a small penis and apparently has trouble getting it up.  Also according to Steph, LeSean’s new girlfriend Sydney smashed the homies.  YIKES, messy, messy stuff here.

Word of advice: Don’t air out your dirty laundry on twitter, especially if you’re famous.  By the way LeSean you’re now connected to this girl for the rest of your life and will have to put up with her for at least the next 18 years, congratulations.  McCoy signed an extension with the Eagles last May worth 5 years-$45 million, $20 million of which is guaranteed.  I suggest he straightens up quickly before he appears on the next installment of ESPN’s 30 for 30 “Broke”.

*check the tweets out in the gallery above as well as pictures of everyone involved*