Not Giving Up Without A Fight! Tamika Fuller Claims Ludacris Hid Wife’s Pregnancy From The Judge!


Tamika Fuller is doing everything she can to win back custody of her daughter. She is ready to expose Ludacris in court but will she win this time?

More deets below!

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(Photos) Love And War?! Bambi And Erica Dixon Exchange Words On Twitter Over Scrappy?!!

Scrappy's Messy Love Triangle

The season may be over and the cameras are gone but the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Drama continues!
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(Photo) The Dream Sends Message To Fans After His Baby Mother Released Pictures Of Her Injuries!


After Lydia Nam released photos to TMZ showing her injuries stating The Dream allegedly beat her, he did what anybody would do to clear their name. He went to Instagram! Dream posted of picture of the definition of the word “con” and left a long message to his fans! Curious to know what it was about?
Read The Dream’s message below!

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(Video) Fat Trel Talks Death Of His Baby’s Mother

Fat Trel

If you paid attention to Fat Trel’s “Too Much” freestyle (which didn’t make his Gleesh mixtape,) the D.C native and MMG signee opened up about the death of his baby’s mother. It’s pretty crazy, since you don’t really hear about things like this! Trel chopped it up at MTV News to break down the story and talk about how the song came about.

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Mother Of Ludacris’ Newborn Wants $15,000 In Child Support, But He Can’t Afford It


After the news of Ludacris’ newborn baby shocked the world in December, the child’s mother is requesting that he pay like he weighs – times about 100.
Tamika Fuller is looking to get $15,000 in child support on a monthly basis. The “DGAF” rapper says that he can’t afford it due to the lack of Fast & Furious 7 in theaters. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photos) DAMN! Stevie J’s Baby’s Mother Speaks Out About $1.2MiL Owed Child Support & Stevie Responds!


This is a B.A.N.A.N.A.S. situation! Carol Bennett is not playing with Stevie J! She let the news get out that the reality star owed her $1.2 million in backed-up child support. Bennett the mother of two teens, 14 and 16, both belonging to Stevie sat down with Vibe Vixen and divulged much information.
When her a Stevie broke up in 1999, she filed the documents for, captain-save-a-stripper and he’s since missed 168 payments. In 2007, Stevie’s reported income was $54,763 and of that whole year, $35.53 was garnished – In 2009, Stevie’s reported income was $0, and $5,035.64 was paid in child support. – In 2013, as of 9/25 two payments totaling $18,566.14 was involuntarily paid, courtesy of Stevie’s bank accounts.
Bennett is stating that after all of these years, she’s taken care of her children with the lack of Stevie’s funds but, being a parent shouldn’t solely rest on her shoulders. Simply, take care of your children.
Over the years, two arrest warrants have went out for the producer – they miraculously disappeared. He doesn’t have pull like that! At one point the woman got a document in the mail stating that the child support balance was $0. Well, that can’t be!
After Bennett let the cat out of the bag, she wondered what a response from Stevie would be. Let’s just say, we understand ignorance when it’s constantly plastered on reality television. Stevie attacks Bennett, and supporters of the mother calling her a “monkey!” Hit the jump and check

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Damn, DJ Pauly D’s Baby’s Mom Is Trying To Sell Texts From Him Asking For An Abortion

DJ Pauly D

The more we hear about this woman DJ Pauly D fathered a child with, the more we are sure she is just purely AWFUL! I’m sure the Jersey Shore star never thought in a million years that his one-night stand in Vegas last year would result in all of this! The latest development in the war between the two comes from Amanda’s side, as the 26-year-old New Jersey mother of two is attempting to sell the text messages to various media outlets in which Pauly asked her to end the pregnancy (via abortion) and he offered to pay for it.

While I’m sure some super religious people are going to be up in arms over this, it really isn’t that wrong of him for doing, considering how the child was conceived and the nature of the relationship of the parents. What’s really wrong here, though, is Amanda actually took the money and just never got it done (obvz)! Smh, what a winner!

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50 Cent On His Way To JAIL For 5-Years?!


You read correct – not YALE, but JAIL. Hit the jump to see why 50 Cent – or as the system will refer to him as – prisoner #5050505050, might be doing 5-years.

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Nas’ Baby Mother Goes In On Him During The Grammys

Nas & his daughter Destiny

Though it was supposed to be a joyous night for Nas as he hit the 55th annual Grammy Awards with some nominations, the mother of his first child wanted to cause some waves. One of Nas’ nominations was for his single, “Daughters,” which is unsurprisingly about his daughter with Carmen Bryan, Destiny. Apparently Carmen (and perhaps Destiny) felt that Des should have been Nas’ date to the awards show, yet she wasn’t…so Carmen decided to air out her frustrations on Twitter. While she does have a point that it’d make sense since the song is about her, I don’t think he’s WRONG for not taking her. What do you think? Check the tweets and let us know!

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It Continues…Future’s Baby’s Mother Is Flipping Out Calling Him A Deadbeat !?!?


This chick really feels some type of way. Future is getting put on blast. After sending subliminal tweets to Ciara, Future’s BM took to twitter (she has since deleted the tweets) to express her true emotions. The woman, named Brittani even incorporated L.A. Reid in her spazz out and RT’d Future’s reaction to her being his FIANCE. She then decided to calm down with some softer side tweets. She shouldn’t be flipping out like this, because she really is too pretty for all that. Drop down bottom and check out the pics.

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