Just when you thought they both said what they needed to say. Lol.  On Tuesday Randy Moss declared he was the greatest receiver to ever play the game. Of course everyone has had to chime in and that included NFL legend Jerry Rice. Of course Jerry Rice was very surprised by Moss’ claim and spoke out on it.  Noooooowwww, Randy Moss is responding to what Jerry said.  Check it out after the jump…

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According to Marc Sessler at NFL:

Rice pointed to his own gaudy numbers — 22,895 receiving yards and 197 touchdowns through the air — and three Super Bowl rings, but Moss doesn’t view the debate through that lens.

“What I said was what I felt,” Moss said. “Like I said, I don’t want to get in a shouting match with Jerry Rice or anybody. I mean that’s my own personal opinion. I mean there’s people that think just because he has the numbers, that he’s the greatest, but I don’t believe in numbers. I really don’t.”

Added Moss: “What I think, is what I think … I changed the game. I’m not really trying to make it all about me. I just made a statement and I stand by my statement, so I’m gonna leave it at that.”