A boy that was the center of the hostage that took place in Alabama has finally be set free. The boy is 5-years-old and was allegedly held hostage for almost a week in a bunker. The suspect of the hostage is Jimmy Lee Dykes (pictured above), a 65-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed a bus-driver before kidnapping the boy. Click below for more information.

The story is developing but news just broke that the 65-year-old suspect Jimmy Lee Dykes is now dead. The FBI released a statement saying that they were in full contact with Dykes during the hostage, and said that the little boy had requested the snack Cheez Its and the toy Hot Wheels, which were delivered to the bunker. The mother of the boy was barely hanging on while her son was held hostage, and is in complete and utter relief that he is safe. At the murdered bus drivers funeral, many people said that he saved the little boys life and is now his angel.
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