I bet Yandy and her boo Mandeecees has a major weight lifted off of their shoulders. The daughter of LHHNY’s, Mandeecees’s ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual assault. The then 15-year-old said that she performed oral sex on her mother’s SO, and it was mainly done to get back at her mother who she was not getting along with. Mandeecees, however was over the legal age limit and should not have aloud it to go down. That’s water under the bridge, since today he’s been acquitted. After jurors came back with a not guilty verdict, Yandy Smith and others jumped to their feet with excitement. Someone even yelled, “I love you” to the group of 12.
Yandy who stood by her man’s side posted to her instagram: “No matter how much they tried to rip you of your pride, defame your name, degrade you…you kept your faith in God and told me to keep my head up. So I did,” Smith posted a short time later on Instagram. “Not Guilty!” One down, one to go. Drop down bottom for more on the case.

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