Yesterday Sergey Brin announced that Google announced that the company would be dropping its Google Glass later this year, but do you really know what the Glasses actually do. After the break find out some of cool options you do if you decide to drop that stack on the Glasses.

Glass shows off what options users have available, ranging from taking pictures, engaging in a Google Hangout, recording a video, or sharing with others.

Glass can pop up a reminder on your screen to, well, remind you of an upcoming appointment or other meeting that you have planned.

Like one of the cards that pops up in Android, Google Glass hopes to be able to deliver to you the current weather.

Dictate Texts
There’s no reason why Glass can’t be used to dictate texts or short messages to others, using the built-in microphone, Google’s cloud-based speech recognition, and a wireless connection.

Travel Alerts
I’ve never seen an alert when a public transportation link has been severed or is inoperable, but I assume Google has the capability to do so. This would be a handy feature.

I’m not sure a “full-screen” overlay would be the most ideal rendering of map data, but this would certainly be a handy feature to have in most cases

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