(Photos) Oh Sh*t! The Real Beef Between Apple And Google Started With These Emails?!

Battle Of the Techies Apple vs Google

So many believe the beef between Apple and Google started when Google dropped Android 3 years after the iPhone…but No, apparently the beef started 2 years before the iPhone dropped, and over hiring practices!

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(Video) Check Out Google’s NEWEST Tech In Project Tango!!!

Project Tango From Google.png_2

Just when you think Google is at it’s peak, they come back with yet another revolutionary Tech, Project Tango is all about making a new phone, both actual device and new OS, that allows you to capture the area around you, like 3D mapping, giving your phone it’s own virtual environment.

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Congrats To Susan Wojcicki, The NEW Head Of Youtube!!!


Great news for Youtube, the former Senior Vice President of ads and commerce at Google, Susan will be stepping inn to take YouTube to the next level(I know you didn’t think YouTube could get bigger, but it can), with it’s Billion Users!!

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*Update* Lyor Cohen Will Use Twitter To Officially Sign New Artist?! Twitter Responds!!

IFWT_lyor cohen new label

Not to long ago, Lyor Cohen, Legendary Music Biz Exec that helped create and build the one and only Def Jam, has started a new label, 300, and he is doing his best to keep it straight Digital, he’s already got Google backing him, but now Cohen has decided to use Twitter to sign NEW(unsigned) artists!

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Google Sells Motorola For $3 Billion, Could Mean How Many Jobs Lost?!


Google is getting rid of bad assets in this sale, as Motorola lost a Billion in this past year, which is a 34% slump for the manufacturer(They are doing what Blackberry should have done). Back in 2011, Google promised $12.5 Billion to Motorola which included not only the devices, but their patents. The price Lenovo is paying is $2.91 Billion, MUCH lower than what google was supposed to pay, but allegedly Google is holding on to a good bit of the patents, and some ‘other intellectual property’.

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(Video) And Here Are Your Top Searches Of 2013!!! #GoogleZeitgeist

We wait all year to find out what we all have been searching the most online, and believe it or not, it’s a Shock every year!!

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(Video) Young Guru Let’s Us Know About His Google Glass Experience


I have been waiting for for an invite for a little while now, waiting to the point I started to lose my excitement. But as I ran across this footage of extraordinary music producer, Young Guru, having such a beautiful tech experience, I have been reinvigorated with excitement!!

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Instagram To Add Private Messaging….Puts Snapchat To Sleep?!?


Allegedly IG will add private messaging before the end of the year, which is like a month away, exciting times!!

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(Video) Dad Finds Out His Son Was Dead Body On Google Maps


He’s actually asking Google to take down the mapped image to be taken down as it’s disrespectful to his family.

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National Music Publishers Association Coming For 50 Unlicensed Lyrics Sites With Threats Of Lawsuits


Let’s get this clear, David Israelite, Chief Executive of the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) says that, “This is not a campaign against personal blogs, fan sites, or the many websites that provide lyrics legally[...]” but, “The NMPA is targeting fifty sites that engage in blatant illegal behavior.”
50 lyrics websites have been pin-pointed and are being threatned to take down the lyrics to some of the popular songs we sing today. WHY take them down…besides the copyright issues, University of Georgia researcher David Lowery, writes that, “there are more than five million lyric searches on Google every day, and 50% of the top results come from unlicensed sites.” In other words, the money being made, they want their cut.
For now the notices are merely warnings or, “a precursor to filing copyright infringement lawsuit,” said Israelite. Hmmm, things are cracking down for the INTERNET age. Hit the jump and check to see if you visit any of these sites.

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