(Photos) Google Exec Amoung Those Killed In Nepal Earthquake


Google Executive Dan Fredinburg was amoung those killed in the Earthquake in nepal earlier today. It was said that he had died due to a serious head injury during the earthquake which had a magnitude of 7.9 which then triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest.

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(Photos) Google Glass 2.0 Is On Its Way From Italy!


The future of wearable technology is very bright. Italian eyewear maker Luxottica has confirmed that they are working with Google on the second generation of the futuristic pair of glasses. Luxottica is better known for being the company behind Oakley and Ray-ban so you can imagine the design of Google Glass 2.0 is going to be on point. The Wall Street Journal reported that Luxottica had a meeting at its Milan headquarters discussing the preparation for their next big project. Check out the the details and timeline for the release of Google Glass 2.0 after the jump!

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Google Announces New Wireless Service Project Fi


Google has just announced its new wireless service called Project Fi. It really Looks amazing! With no annual contract, and pay for nothing more then what you use. The basic plan is $20/month, with that you get voice and text. As an add on to the plan for internet service you would pay $10 per gig per month. Google will also refund you for all unused data!

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(Photo) Google To Spend $1Billion On Nasa Hangar Used For Developing New Age Technology!!


Google is breaking the bank to get their hands on an old Naval hangar. Google released a statement saying their 60 year lease will see them pay $1.16 billion. They plan on using the hangar for aviation and new robotics technology.

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(Video) Functioning iPhone 6 Clone Let’s You See How It Will Really Work?!?


This is kinda what I was waiting on, except I wanted a real 6 to feel great about it, but either way you’re gonna want to see this!!

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(Video) Driverless Cars Ready For Mass Production?!


Sh*t just got real!! Looking at this video of a test of the new system that may possibly implemented across all cars, Driving is about to be on some real iRobot business!!!

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(Video) Google’s I/O Event Introducing A NEW Android!!


Android “L” Is that new new, check it out before it’s over!!

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Google Search Just Got MORE Useful!!!


The other day Google introduced its new search engine featuring the ability to open up music apps automatically. Meaning when you tap a link from a google search for music content on a smartphone or tablet Google will open the application for you. Pretty Cool.

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(Pictures) Little Girl Writes A Letter To Get Her Dad Some Time Off From Google!

google adds personalized search results


A dad has his daughter to thank after she got him some time off from work. The little girl took her blue crayon and wrote, “Dear google worker, can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off. Like he can get get a day off on wednesday. Because daddy ONLY gets a day off on saturday.” Read the rest of the adorable letter and Google’s letter back to little Katie in the gallery above.

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(Video) Youtube Says NO To All Those Fake Accounts!!


I get emails all the time saying ‘get these 1000+ views or subscribers’, well that’s because those people are running fake subscription farms, well Yotube doesn’t like it and wants your page to ‘mean something’!

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