guess who

It really amazes me how much social media has taken over people’s everyday lives. I know is 2013, and I understand how addicting it can be. I, myself, have a twitter — but sometimes even I get tired of constantly checking my phone. It’s sad how the power of social media can really break ones mood or even ruin a whole day. People have even committed suicide because of being bullied online! SMH! Be careful with the use of it, it can be fun if you don’t abuse it or let it take over you. Anyway, to the point! This famous singer/actress is completely fed up with Twitter. She is tired of LA and all the rumors that come with it. Plus, I’m sure being a celebrity is a factor in all this. She also addresses that her wedding is not OFF (good to hear!) but she is drained by the social network & is taking a break till further notice. Possibly till forever? Who knows! Find out exactly who it is and what she said in the gallery below!

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