Ok, so you are going to hear this phrase alot lately if the 2013 NCAA tournament keeps going the way it has been. The phrase is “One of the biggest upsets ever”! Case in point, last night Harvard won it’s first game ever in the tournament when the #14 seeded Harvard Crimson beat #3 seeded New Mexico. That was one of the biggest upsets ever simply because of the history of the 2 schools when it comes to basketball and the difference in how good the 2 teams were this season. Well you can now add Florida Gulf Coast to the list of biggest upsets of all time. Read more after the jump.


FGCU defeated huge favorite Georgetown a few minutes ago 78-68. The Hoyas were the #2 seed in their bracket, and were one of the legit favorites to win the entire tournament. Instead they are going home early at the hands of FGCU, who were playing in their first NCAA tournament ever! What a way to send a message. This is the type of win you can build a program on for the future. From the start, the eagles of Florida Gulf Coast were not intimidated. They looked like they belong playing with the big boys. Sherwood Brown scored 24 points and Bernard Thompson had 23 to lead Florida Gulf Coast. Do not be surprised if this team pulls off a couple more shocking wins during this tournament.