Rick Ross
So it seem’s there was a controversy and ‘you ain’t even know it’. a couple of days ago some websites pointed out lyrics that could be taking as possible ‘Date Rape’ Lyrics, well Rozay has decided to speak to the people and let them know where he’s coming from. Hit the Jump.

Tat wza

I know I’m a man, but I respect Women to the utmost, And Things like Date Rape shouldn’t be glorified…with that being said, I don’t think taking Rap lyrics as straight facts is ever the way to go. I mean that is really setting a precedent we do NOT want to set, then every rapper could be indicted for Drug dealing, Murder, etc, etc. Hip Hop is Art, and we have to look at it as art. Yes We want to see these artists as the realest people ever, but they are the Voice we want to hear when we want to know what’s going on out there, and in reality some people Do these things, And Shouldn’t it be brought to light so young Women can protect themselves?!?! This Is actually really good the conversation is going…Ross has actually helped to protect Our Women from the Creeps that would hurt them!!!!

And here is the the song with the questionable lyrics(skip to 2:10 to hear) incase you haven’t hear em: