Looks like the ball has dribbled out of the court for Jackie, Gloria, Laura, Malaysia, and Brooke. Seems like there has been some sort of confirmation that season 3 of “Basketball Wives: LA” has been cancelled. Poor ratings is what affected this decision. Tsk tsk, all they were doing was arguing about Jackie Christie anyway. Who’s going to miss them?
Besides that, Draya maybe taking off. With the cancellation of this show, will begin another one FOR DRAYA. Drop down bottom to get more details on this.

JaaiR (JR)

The girl who started off BBW: LA with bullies and tears has sky-rocketed to her own spin-off. The show will be called, “Fine A** Girls,” and star, Draya and her fine a** friends. Get ready to see a brand of another breed, that involves partying, relationships and more with this show. This will for sure get the men interested. I see cheeks, cheeks, and mo’ CHEEKS in the future! That’s pretty much what Draya’s brand is.

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