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Carmelo Anthony is handling this situation the right way.  Melo just recently found out about Tyson Chandler’s criticism of the team’s offense after their loss on Saturday and reacted to the news.
Check out what he had to say about it…



Via Ian Begley at ESPN:

Carmelo Anthony said Monday he will talk to Tyson Chandler privately about comments the New York Knicks center made a day earlier, insinuating that the team was playing selfishly on offense.

“I really don’t want to go back and forth about that because I really don’t know exactly what he was talking about. But if he feels that way, we’re about to get together right now. We’ll discuss that amongst ourselves and figure that out,” Anthony said after practice.

Anthony said he hopes to “get (Chandler’s) take, get his perspective on that comment and we’ll handle that internally and figure it out amongst ourselves.”

Chandler was critical of the Knicks’ offense after they scored 71 points in a Game 3 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Saturday.

“I watched the tape myself and there’s open looks,” Chandler said Sunday. “We have to be willing passers. You have to sacrifice yourself sometimes for the betterment of the team, for the betterment of your teammates. So when you drive in the paint, you draw, you kick it. We need to do a better job of allowing the game to dictate who takes the shots and not the individuals.

“I’m not saying that anybody is doing it maliciously. I think it’s moreso a situation, you want to take over the game or you want to make a big shot, where you have to just stick to the game plan. Good teams win basketball games. Unless you’re a great, great, great individual, and we’ve only had a few of those come through.”

Chandler did not call out any of his teammates by name. But Anthony and J.R. Smith are the players who most frequently operate in isolation to create their own shot.

Anthony appeared a bit put off by Chandler’s comments. However, before he addressed the issue with reporters, he insisted that the Knicks were on the “same page.”

“We’re good. As far as mentally and everybody being on the same page and everybody staying confident, everybody is where we should be,” Anthony said.