(Photos) NBA: Carmelo & Lala Host Thanksgiving Dinner With Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade & More


Everyone knows Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh & Lebron James are very close friends off the court. While King James had his own plans for yesterday, the other three got together with their wives and had Thanksgiving at the Home of Melo & Lala. Ironically the Heat are in NYC because they play the Knicks today. So while it was a family affair at the dinner table yesterday, friends will become enemies for a couple hours tonight. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NBA: Epic Travel: LOL Carmelo Anthony Takes About 15 Steps Then Bricks a 3

NBA: New York Knicks at Miami Heat

The New York Knicks have been on fire lately but that spark was put out on Monday night as they took on the Miami Heat.  By the end of the first half they had a grand total of 30 points and just couldn’t buy a shot.  Carmelo Anthony was struggling along with the rest of the team hitting 6/16 from the field at 37.5%.  The funniest miss of the night for Anthony was during the fourth quarter; he stole the ball from Chris Bosh and hustled to the other end of the floor, apparently he was trying to gather himself for the shot and took so many steps he was dubbed “the traveling man”.  Luckily for him the refs didn’t call the travel but the shot resulted in a brick anyways.

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NBA: Amare Says Stock Went Up 30% When He Joined Knicks & Coaches Didn’t Use Him & Melo Right


Pairing Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony together was supposed to revitalize the lowly Knicks but instead it turned into an epic disaster as they two were hardly ever on the floor together and Stoudemire was plagued with back and knee injuries.  Now with the Miami Heat who played the Knicks on Monday night, Stoudemire looked back on his time in New York and reflected on what the problem was.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says Kristaps Porzingis Will Be Knicks Franchise Player After He Retires


Carmelo Anthony was the only star on the New York Knicks but this year’s draft Kristaps Porzingis is gaining traction, FAST.  It was assumed that Porzingis would be a project and it would take some time before he would become a substantial contributor but he’s shocked the world with his play and even has chants of his name ringing through Madison Square Garden.  So is Anthony ready to pass the torch?

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(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Visits Young Inmates at Rikers Island For ‘Stay Melo’ Episode 4

IFWT_Carmelo Rikers 1

Last month I posted a story about Carmelo Anthony visiting Rikers Island to talk to young inmates as part of his Vice Sports “Stay Melo” series.  Anthony described his visit and the effect the inmates had on him.  Now the official episode is out.  Check out the footage.

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NBA: LOL Carmelo Anthony Says LeBron James Stole All His Brothers From Him

IFWT_JR Smith Iman Shumpert LeBron James Carmelo Anthony

The New York Knicks will play the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight but unfortunately Carmelo Anthony will not get to face off against his old teammates since Iman Shumpert is out after right wrist surgery and J.R. Smith is out with a right knee contusion.  The two former Knicks were traded to the Cavaliers last season and went from the tutelage of Melo to LeBron James, a trade James reportedly pushed for.  During an interview today, Anthony had a funny comment about losing his teammates.

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Carmelo Overrated? NBA: Be Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get It


The New York Knicks defeated the Washington Wizards in a nail biter last night 117-110. Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony erupted for 37 points, hitting 4-5 three pointers along the way. Initially struggling to start the season, Anthony had some added motivation and it came from an unlikely source.

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(Photo) NBA: Amar’e Stoudemire Throws Jab At Carmelo Over His Lack Of Passing The Ball


People on the internet are just so thirsty to create a story. Amar’e Stoudemire was getting roasted by blogs and twitter alike over his comments about Carmelo Anthony yesterday. The way some of these sites were wording their stories, you would think Amar’e was firing some real shots at Melo and they might have beef. At the end of the day, while he did mention Melo’s name, it was in a very lighthearted type of way.

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(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Visits Rikers Island to Offer Encouragement to Young Inmates

IFWT_Carmelo Rikers 1

Carmelo Anthony is not only the star player for the New York Knicks, he’s also a native New Yorker.  The NBA star decided to visit Rikers Island in New York City to meet and talk with some of the institution’s younger inmates (ages 16-21) and offer them encouragement.  The infamous correctional facility houses over 10,000 inmates and is one of the largest in the world.  The visit of course had an affect on the inmates but it touched Anthony as well.

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NBA: Derek Fisher & Carmelo Anthony Comment On Alleged Altercation With Matt Barnes


By now everybody has heard that Matt Barnes reportedly drove about 100 miles to “beat the sh*t” outta Knicks coach Derek Fisher for hanging out with his estranged wife at a home he owns. Depending on who you ask, Barnes either punched Fisher in the face, or nothing other than a few scratches happened because people stepped in to break it up. Neither Fisher nor Barnes have been very forthcoming with details other than Barnes saying he only drove there for his kids but Fisher finally did comment on the situation, along with Carmelo Anthony.

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