NBA Report: Kevin Durant Interested in Possibly Signing With the Knicks

IFWT_Carmelo Anthony Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant will become a free agent in 2016 but talks have already begun about where he will possibly go.  The main team being discussed is the Washington Wizards who have improved drastically and would be a homecoming for Durant.  Now there’s apparently another team in play.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says Tanking is a “Bad Mentality to Have”


Most New York Knicks fans want to see the team tank the season to land a top pick in the NBA draft.  But to star forward Carmelo Anthony, that is a “bad mentality to have.”

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NBA: Get Ready NYC! All-Star Starters Annouced, Steph Curry The Top Overall Vote Getter


This year seems a little different in the NBA. Teams that are just usually average or worse are suddenly the best in the league. The usual super stars haven’t been producing this year for various reasons and it has shown in their teams records. The MVP race doesn’t include names like Bron, KD, Kobe, but instead Steph, Unibrow and the Beard. With that said, Steph Curry has won the overall vote for the NBA All-Star game in NYC next month and he couldn’t be happier. Check out what he said along with the rest of the starting lineups.

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NBA: J.R. Smith Compares LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony’s Leadership Skills

IFWT_JR Smith Cavs

J.R. Smith was traded from the New York Knicks to the Cleveland Cavaliers so it was only a matter of time until someone asked him the differences between playing with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.  Smith always keeps it real and honest, so see what he had to say.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Admits He’ll Need Knee Surgery


Practically everyone knows at this point that Carmelo Anthony needs to shut it down for the season and get surgery on his injured knee.  Now it looks like he’s finally coming around and realizing it too.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Reveals How Shumpert & Smith Reacted To Trade News


While many players would jump at the opportunity to leave their current struggling team to join LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but according to Carmelo Anthony, Shumpert and Smith had a tough time accepting the news. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony- “I’m Alright, I’m Not Shutting It Down…Yet”


Knicks star guard Melo remains stubborn as a mule, failing to bringing his season to an end. The $125 million man refuses to call it quits just yet, as he is “not shutting it down for the season yet, just trying to take some time to get it right.” Further details on Melo’s injury and response below.

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NBA Report: Knicks Encouraging Carmelo Anthony to Sit Out & Rest His Knee


The New York Knicks insist they’re still doing everything they can to turn the season around but if you ask me, the tank is on.  The shocking news was released yesterday that the Knicks traded JR Smith and Iman Shumpert to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-team trade involving the Oklahoma City Thunder whom received Dion Waiters.  What did the Knicks get?  Some non-guaranteed contract players and a future second round pick, clearly nothing that will help them now but they added tons of money to the cap for upcoming free agency.  In addition to all this, they’re now encouraging Carmelo Anthony to sit out and rest his knee.

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(Photos) NBA: Paul Pierce Reveals Top Five Toughest Players He’s Had To Guard


Paul Pierce has revealed his list of the Top Five toughest players he’s ever had to guard in the NBA! And Believe It Or Not, LeBron James is not #1…

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NBA: Derek Fisher Says Time May Come to Shut Carmelo Anthony Down For the Season


Knicks fan or not, the one thing almost everyone agrees on is that Carmelo Anthony should shut it down for the season.  The Knicks have the worst start in franchise history and aren’t going to get any better.  Still Anthony was out there playing a ton of minutes on a knee that likely requires surgery.  Anthony has made it clear that he want’s to keep playing so it’s not the Knicks forcing him to play but they should take a stand and protect their franchise player.  He’s sat out the past couple of games and coach Derek Fisher may finally be ready to shut him down for the season but notes that it’s a decision that has to be agreed upon by both Carmelo and the organization.

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