NBA: Lebron Reacts To Loss To Knicks, Says He Is Glad The Night Is Over


If you are a Cavs fan, or just a fan of Lebron in general, last night did not go exactly as you may of hoped. The Knicks came in and looked good all night and spoiled the most famous homecoming in the history of sports in this country. Lebron did not play well and was clearly not happy with how things went. He is however glad the spectacle of the return is over.

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(Video) NBA: Guess Which Superstar Recently Appeared In Sons Of Anarchy


The popular show had a special guest star, New York Knicks power forward Carmelo Anthony. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: LeBron On Opening Against Carmelo Anthony In Cleveland – “That’s How It Should Be”


LeBron James played his first Cleveland home game back in 2003, against fellow rookie and friend Carmelo Anthony. So, the star pair go WAYY back, resulting in interrogation of King James.
When asked about about playing his boy on the court in this Thursday’s opener, he responded “That’s how it should be…me seeing a great friend of mine and competing against him.” Hit the jump for more juice on LeBron’s story!

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Answers If Kobe Bryant Kept Him From Signing With the Lakers


The dust still hasn’t settled from the firestorm ESPN caused when they blamed Kobe Bryant for the Los Angeles Lakers downfall.  According to them, Kobe is the reason many free agents would not sign with the team.  Paul George already refuted that claim and now Carmelo Anthony is speaking out.

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(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Hits Gamewinner As Knicks Beat Wizards

Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks

Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher have implemented the triangle offense meaning the Knicks have to learn how to pass the ball more.  However with the game on the line they reverted back to iso Melo and it paid off.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says He Doesn’t Think He’ll Be The Scoring Champ This Season


With Kevin Durant injured and LeBron James part of a stacked team, it would seem like Carmelo Anthony would be a lock to win the scoring title this upcoming season.  Anthony doesn’t think so however; with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher implementing the Triangle Offense, Carmelo says he expects to take less shots therefore he won’t be the scoring champion.

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NBA: Giving Back! Carmelo Anthony Makes Nice Donation To NYC Schools


Sometimes in sports if it’s not some type of drama, beef or crazy situation it can tend to be under reported as tales without those things involved aren’t headline grabbing. Taking a break from that for a second, it was dope to see Melo supporting some schools in New York, a city known long for a struggling financial education system. Teachers are mostly underpaid and mostly overworked and usually dig into their own pockets to help students out as well. Melo wanted to help with that. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Report, Rajon Rondo Will Be Traded From Celtics To Knicks Before All-Star Game


Rajon Rondo being traded to the Knicks has been talked about off and on for seemingly a couple years now. This season the stars could finally align and make that trade a reality thanks to some expiring contracts that would make it easier to happen. ESPN’s Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose both agree the deal is likely to happen and Simmons, who is a hard core Boston fan even hopes it does cause it will be good for Rondo and make the Knicks a legit contender. What you guys think about this possibly finally happening?

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(Video) NBA: LOL! Iman Shumpert Makes Fun Of Carmelo’s Hat While He’s Giving An Interview


While Melo gave an interview in the locker room, you can hear Shumpert singing Pharell’s “Happy” in the background because Melo’s hat looked quite similar to Pharell’s. Hit the jump for details.

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Sports: Carmelo Anthony Says Coach Jim Boeheim Talked Him Out Of Returning To Syracuse

IFWT_Boeheim x Melo

Most one-and-done college basketball players are eager to leave.  They’re usually projected to go high in the NBA draft and have a quicker opportunity to make money.  Well it turns out Carmelo Anthony wasn’t one of those players even though he had hit the pinnacle of a college career by winning the NCAA championship in his freshman year.

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