(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony’s New TMNT Apparel


Yes, there is another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie on the horizon. And by horizon, I mean this week! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Anthony has a cameo and a hand in the forthcoming apparel.

(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Believes He Is A Better Scorer Than Steph Curry & Lebron


Some people are going to try and slander Melo for this but you have to realize what he is saying. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show earlier this week, Melo talked about how a player should always be confident in himself after Patrick mentioned that Curry said he was better than Lebron a while ago. That led to a follow up question from Patrick, where Melo showed his own confidence.

NBA: Report, Carmelo Anthony Really Wants Tom Thibodeau To Coach The Knicks Next Season


Carmelo Anthony thought long and hard about playing for the Bulls and then coach Tom Thibodeau back in 2014 before ultimately taking more money to stay with the Knicks. If Melo gets his way however, he might still have a chance to play for Thibs as it’s being reported that Melo really wants Thibs on the sidelines at MSG next year.

NBA: Usher & Police Officer Fired After Kid Runs on the Court to Hug Carmelo Anthony

IFWT_Carmelo young kid

We all thought it was very cute when a young boy ran onto the court to hug Carmelo Anthony during the Knicks game against the Pelicans; but what if it wasn’t a cute kid but instead someone that wanted to cause Anthony harm?  Well for that reason, two people have lost their jobs.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Looking Forward to Olympics to Know What ‘Success Feels Like’

IFWT_Carmelo Anthony PSA

The New York Knicks are in the midst of another losing season and it’s weighing heavy on Carmelo Anthony.  The star player says he’s looking forward to playing in the Olympics to finally experience success.

(Video) NBA: Kid Runs on the Court to Give Carmelo Anthony a Hug

IFWT_Carmelo young kid

Now we’ve seen a few adults run on the court to try to get to LeBron James and others and get their ass hauled out the arena but what happens when it’s a cute little kid?

NBA: LeBron James Explains Why He Wants to Play With ‘The Brotherhood’ of Melo, Wade & CP3

IFWT_Carmelo CP3 Wade LeBron

LeBron James confirmed that he indeed wishes to one day play with his friends Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul; the quartet they call “The Brotherhood”.  Many have criticized James for “needing” a superteam to win a championship but James explains that wanting to play with his brothers goes deeper than basketball.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says ‘The Brotherhood’ Won’t Happen With Knicks & Answers If He’ll Take Pay Cut

IFWT_Wade Melo CP3 LeBron

The internets were buzzing yesterday when an article was released with LeBron James declaring he would take a pay cut to one day play with the rest of “The Brotherhood”, which includes Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul.  Anthony was asked if he would do the same and sorry Knicks fans, he says it wouldn’t be in New York.

NBA: LeBron, Carmelo & Wade Were Supposed to Team Up Instead of Bosh But This Happened

IFWT_Melo Wade LeBron

In a detailed article about the longtime friendship of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, it also mentioned “The Brotherhood” which also includes Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul.  The most controversial part of the article is where James mentioned he would take a pay cut to play one or two seasons with Anthony, Wade and Paul; but the article also mentioned how it almost happened a few years ago.

NBA: LeBron James Says He Would Take a Pay Cut to Play With Melo, Wade & CP3

IFWT_Wade Melo CP3 LeBron

LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul form the biggest quartet of stars and friends called “The Brotherhood.  They attended each other’s weddings, double dates, watch each other’s games, text constantly in a group chat (wouldn’t you love to be in it) and occasionally vacation together like on that infamous banana boat.  The one thing they haven’t done though they want to, is play together (with the exception of Wade & James on the Heat).  LeBron and Carmelo knew each other the longest, dating back to when they played against each other in high school.  The two have always dreamt of playing together but it never came to fruition; but there’s still time.

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