(Video) NBA: Chris Paul, Lebron James & Carmelo Anthony Want Everyone To Get Out And Vote


The NBA players association is encouraging everyone to get out and vote on election day and they are using some of the leagues biggest stars to get the message across. Chris Paul, Lebron James & Carmelo Anthony are not only huge stars on the court but they have been very vocal on issues our country has been facing and want people to use their right to vote.

NBA: Tayshaun Prince On The Pistons Possibly Winning Four Titles If They Drafted Carmelo


The 2003 NBA draft will go down in history as four of the top five players selected that night will likely wind up in the hall of fame. Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were four of those players selected in the top five that evening but it’s the other player, Darko Milicic, that this story is about, along with Melo.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony on Freddie Gray Case Being His Tipping Point & Advice He Gave Colin Kaepernick


Born in Red Hook, Brooklyn and raised in Baltimore, Carmelo Anthony has seen his fair share of race and societal issues.  In a feature for ESPN The Magazine, Anthony talked about the Freddie Gray case in his hometown of Baltimore, and the wise words he told Colin Kaepernick after the 49ers quarterback started a major protest.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony: ‘You Can’t Put White Police in the ‘Hood’


In the October 31 “NBA Preview” edition of ESPN The Magazine, they spoke with Carmelo Anthony about everything but basketball.  Instead it was an in depth discussion about police brutality, race, and the issues plaguing society.  The New York Knicks star has come out in the forefront of black athletes speaking out with all these police-involved shootings and issues in black neighborhoods.

(Photo) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Leaves IG Comments Shaming SLAM for Ranking Him #15 in Top 50 Players


Basically, any ranking system starts a huge debate.  Usually, ESPN’s NBA ranking list causes major controversy, but this time around its SLAM magazine’s Top 50 in the NBA list that caused a firestorm.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony on Jeremy Lin With Nets: ‘He is the face of their franchise – believe it or not’


Jeremy Lin signed a three-year, $36 million deal with the Nets bringing him back to New York where his fame started, but this time, he’s with the team on the other side of the river.  Carmelo Anthony admitted to being surprised that Lin is Brooklyn’s new star when asked about his former teammate invading the Garden on Saturday for a Knicks-Nets preseason game, but he also said he was happy for Lin.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony On Athletes Speaking On Social Issues “We’re Kind Of In A Lose-Lose Situation”


Colin Kaepernick and some other NFL players who have recently protested on the field might have the attention of people now but Carmelo Anthony was one of the first high profile athletes to speak out on the issues plaguing our country. Going back to last year’s NBA season, Melo spoke about police brutality and other social issues in a lengthy Instagram post that really got people talking. He followed that up with his speech at the ESPY’s, where he was joined by Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. With those issues still big as ever, Melo was asked about it again yesterday during the Knicks training camp, where he revealed that it’s hard for athletes to talk on things like this because they are in a “lose-lose” situation.

(Video/Photos) NBA: Carmelo & LaLa Couple Up With Jay Z & Beyonce For Bey’s Birthday

IFWT_Carmelo Lala Beyonce Jay Z

Beyonce was a very busy woman for her 35th birthday and she had some great company.  In addition to her husband Jay Z, she was also joined by another power couple, Carmelo Anthony and his wife LaLa.

(Video) NBA: Carmelo Decides He Doesn’t Need Clothes, Hits The Bodega In Personalized Robe Instead


When you win three Gold medals you can do whatever you want, just ask Carmelo Anthony. He’s back home in New York after putting in that work in Rio, helping lead Team USA to another Gold on the court. He absolutely earned the right to relax for a bit and that chill swag was on full display last night at a bodega near his home. Lala had him on her Snapchat last night showing he didn’t even bother to get dressed to go outside to the store, instead opting for his “Melo” robe. Lala starts to have jokes on him until he got a little aggressive with his responses and she had to check him. All in good fun. Everything about these videos is great.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony’s Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Says Melo is ‘Unlikely to Win an NBA Title’

IFWT_Carmelo Anthony Jim Boeheim

Carmelo Anthony made Olympic history when he won his record third gold medal in his record fourth Olympics for U.S men’s basketball.  Unfortunately, his Olympic success has shone a light on his NBA failure, and Anthony’s college coach offered a bleak prediction for the remainder of the veteran’s NBA career.

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