French Police

Days after the horrific attack that left a British soldier dead in London, another soldier was stabbed in the throat this time in Paris. French police and anti-terrorism investigators are currently looking for a suspect in the attack. The victim, 23-year-old Cedric Cordier, was taken to a nearby hospital and is being treated for his throat wounds which are not life-threatening. Since Cordier was in uniform and on patrol at the time, it is believe he was the sole target of the attack. Read more below.

Julie A.

Cordier was patroling the area surrounding the famous Arch of La Defense. Authorities have said that they do not believe there is a link to the London attack and they do not believe it was a “copy cat” attack. Cordier was attacked from behind so he was unable to get a glimpse at his attacker but hopefully someone in the busy area was able to.

Source: HuffPost