Looks like Martin Lawrence ex wife is planning to dish all of their personal business onto a TV network coming to a nearest TV screen near you. The “Bad Boys” star demanded that his ex Shamicka Gibbs not appear on VH1’s Hollywood Exes,” sources say, but she flatly refused. Just messy !! Read more after the jump….

“Martin is fit to be tied because all he can do is sit and stew,” said a series insider. “But Shamicka is having a ball hanging out with the show’s other ‘exes’ and gossiping about eveerthing!” “Shamicka is devastated the marriage is over, but she said that she’s not going to shut up just because Martin told her to,” added the source. “He should get ready because he’s in for a bumpy ride!”

Looks like Martin got some things to take care of…but none the less it does seems interesting to find out what went on behind the scenes in this marriage.