Real-Life ghost whisperer, Pam Raglan is –so far– true to the name. She recently followed a recurrent picture in her head that allowed her to help cops locate 11-year-old Terry Dewayne Smith Jr., whose body was found in a shallow grave. She told reporters that, after watching a TV report about the search for the missing California boy, she began to cry when a “haunting vision popped into her head: A young boy lying on his side with his eyes closed.”

Before she could finish her vision, she had already lead officials to his decomposing body — which was about 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

In an interview, Raglan stated, “I literally physically turned my body all the way around like a compass and I looked at the store … and I said, `He’s back there.'” And voila, police found him.

Charged the the murder of the 11-year-old boy is his half-brother who is soon due in juvenile court.

Check out her interview below. *Additional Pics In Gallery*

Jamaal Fisher
Via Daily News