School lunch attacks again. Immediately after having lunch at a school in India, dozens of children became ill. And, unfortunately, 22 of them have died. The lunches that were responsible for the deaths happen to be part of a program that gives poor Indian students at least one hot meal a day. Find out what they were tainted with after the jump.

Sadly, the food was tainted with insecticide. Despite the knowledge of the tainting, it is still unclear how the insecticide had gotten into the supply. Some reports claim that the food had not been properly handled before cooking. For example, the soybeans and potatoes hadn’t been cleaned properly.

To make matters worse, the school’s headmistress fled not too long after the children became sick. Showing unity, villagers, shopkeepers, and parents shut down shop and began to riot and protest. And, in the process burned four police cars. Now there’s a reason to riot.

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Jamaal Fisher
Yahoo News