Sad situation up in my boro, A 14 year old gunman was killed by police early this Sunday morning for refusing to drop his hand gun. Reports are saying 14 year old Shaaliver Douse was pursuing a unidentified man firing shots at him on 151st in the Bronx. Police report as they were running, they ran right into where the police was and two police officers identified themselves and asked Mr. Douse to drop his weapon but he refused and one of the officers fired his weapon killing Douse instantly. Check out more after the jump.


The cops were part of an Operation Impact team patrolling the high-crime area, police said.
Both officers, ages 26 and 27, were taken to Jacobi Medical Center and treated for trauma and ringing in the ears, cops said.The man Douse was allegedly firing at has not been found or identified by police, officials said. Investigators are reviewing security camera footage of the incident.

Douse has multiple priors and was arrested earlier this year for shooting someone in the shoulder but the charges were later dropped. Later on he was charge with illegal possession of a firearm in a unrelated case.