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Sukamii is a clothing brand ran by 19 year old John Hollens from West Hartford, CT. Today, I will be presenting his Lost Soul Collection. Sukamii started 6 months ago and since then has been preparing for his new release dropping August 17th, The Lost Soul Collection. The collection features a mean eye-catching jersey with a “Naruto Shippuden” look with white shorts to match. The jersey has a very creative pattern going across the front with the number 9 on both the shorts and jersey in black. Sukamii stands for being different, being yourself, and not caring what other people think. Sukamii’s goal as a brand is to step outside the box with fashion. John feels everyone is always trying to do the same thing with there clothing lines while he feels he gathers ideas from places people wouldn’t even think to get inspiration from. The Lost Soul Collection is based on a anime by the name of “Naruto”, he took a design and changed it into his own. The Lost Soul Collection will release on August 17 and the 18th. To purchase you will have to visit Sukamii official website. Stay on the look out for furthur releases and you will not want to miss out on the Lost Soul Collection drop. To stay more in tune follow Sukamii on instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the collection.

Written by Ajrashed