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Renowned Clothing is a brand ran by John Dean young kid from Cleveland Ohio. Renowned clothing was based in Akron, Ohio founded in 2011, the brand has had some great success so far. Renowned Clothing features a combination of Street Wear & High End fashions that uses high-quality garment materials in all of their signature pieces. They believe and promote the inner greatness of those who wear their brand. Renowned Clothing is reemerging with a collection for Mid-Summer 2013 which has gained a lot of online interest through their website and Instagram. The most popular pieces from the brand are the Renowned Heritage Jersey and the Renowned Basketball Chain Jersey. They have just released their New 3M Reflective Heritage tee which is definitely an eye-catcher. The spring lookbook is now here and features Chris Breezy and young actress Paige Hurd. The brand is inspired by High End Fashion mixed with Street culture. Renowned was founded on the values that everyone can be Renowned in there own way no matter where they are from. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt or jersey from Renowned clothing visit their official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the Spring lookbook.

Written by Ajrashed