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The Last Supper Clothing is a brand based from out of Bangkok, Thailand ran by 17 year old Thomas Bright. The brand started in just may and so far has had some good success. Their newest tee ‘The Last Supper’ tee. is one that you might not want to miss featuring the Last Supper Clothing signature in the front of the shirt and on the back features “LAST” in white with 2 double 0’s and “SUPPER” at the bottom of the shirt. The shirt is also short-sleeve, in all black. If you are interested in purchasing the shirt you must visit the The Last Supper official website. To stay updated on upcoming releases follow their official instagram. The brand is inspired by the whole movement in America from Been Trill to Pyrex Vision. Thomas feel’s like the youth movement there is so strong and he want’s to do something new in Thailand. He’s bored with the same design of the brand in Thailand “I just want to let the people get the new stuff and change the new movement here.” Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the tee.

Written by Ajrashed