Free Soul Society is ran by Kolby Delce 19 year old from Houston, Texas. The brand which is also ran alongside his best friend 18 year old Todd Roberts. Today I will be presenting his ‘Live Through’ tee. The brand was originated in 2010 as high school kids the two of them wanted to start something of their own and branch away from the usual everyday fashion. The tee is featured in gray with the Free Soul Society in the middle on the top of the shirt with “Live Through” on each side of the pit. If they run out of the shirts they will definitely re-stock shortly after the fall collection releases, possibly by the end of September. The brand is inspired by seeing good happen for other people. It makes others want to work harder, motivation. The shirts are set at a price of $18.00. To purchase visit Free Soul Society’s official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the tee.

Written by Ajrashed