Click the jump to see how Mario Kart helped save this 10-year-old and his great grandmother’s life!

Rebecca S

Gryffin Sanders, an average 10-year-old boy from Colorado, did not fret when his great grandmother was driving 60 mph down a highway and then suffered a minor heart attack. What did he do? He grabbed the wheel and acted like he was playing Mario Kart! According to the Indy Channel, Sanders could not reach the brakes, and his great-grandmother’s foot was still on the gas, so he took hold of the wheel and managed to drive the car until his great-grandmothers foot slipped off and they made a safe landing in a pile of mud. Sanders claimed, “My My grandma great was talking about some of the wildlife and stuff about the Great Plains when she passed out in the middle of a sentence. I could see over the dashboard while I was driving, so I had an idea of where I was driving into. I couldn’t get to the brakes because my grandma great was in the way… There was one car that was pretty far away. I just drove the car to the right.” Check it out in the video below!

Via Inquisitr