G3NIUS is brand ran by Michael J. Smith 20 year old from North Carolina. The meaning behind the G3NIUS brand is something that truly resonates with the owner and those in his circle. The concept shines brightly through his first release , the “G3NIUS find yours” tee , which was inspired mostly by Jay-Z and a particular motivation speech he gave at one of his concerts. When Micheal first heard it he felt the concep and it came to him instantly. The message meant everyone has Genius level talent and that you have to find that talent and work at it to the best of your ability to become great. In life everyone is better than some one else in one particular thing , field or expertise. Whether it be a sport , singing , rapping or something as simple as English or math. Everyone has their own Genius level talent , everyone must find out what that talent may be. Once you find your G3NIUS and commit to it..”you can do some amazing things”. Future products from the brand will reflect on icons throughout history who found their Genius level talent and affected their area of expertise in a special way. Michael wants to pay homage to the greats before us and motivate the youth in a new dope way. It’s about staying true to yourself and believing in yourself and your dreams and making them happen regardless of how many haters or doubters you have. The tee is by far a very appealing tee with a awesome message behind it. If you are interested in purchasing the tee you can email the owner at [email protected] If you would like to purchase any future products their official website will be up soon. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the tee. Also below I will be revealing a new piece from the brand.

Revealing the Newest visual From G3NIUS. “The Cassius Tee” below.


More info regarding the tee will be released very soon.

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Written by Ajrashed