You know alot of college players are hating on the attention South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney has been getting all off season long. Ever since his monster hit against Michigan last year, Clowney has been the talk of college football with the exception of Johnny Manziel. Maybe that hate however is becoming dangerous. Last night late in the game against UNC, Clowney was chasing the quarterback down. The ball had already been thrown and Clowney stopped running as the play was over. Suddenly a 300 pound offensive lineman from UNC rolls right into the back of Clowney’s knee. Nobody pushed the lineman, he wasn’t out of control, he clearly did it on purpose and I hope some type of punishment is coming his way. Clowney walked with a slight limp the rest of the night, but it could of been much worse. Hit the jump.


The play happens around the 2:35 mark.