IFWT_LeBron and Savannah

LeBron & Savannah have been posting photos from their vacation for the past few days (that’s when the pic of LeBron’s jacked up foot popped up), but there’s one thing some haven’t noticed…LeBron’s mom is on that vacation and she’s brought along her rapper boyfriend. Is this news?  Nahhh, but maybe now all the Delonte jokes can stop?!  
So do you know who the rapper is?!  Uhhhhh, most likely not. He goes by the name of Da Real Lambo. Yea, go ‘head & have fun with this.
Check it out…






Via BSO:

Jason Whitlock actually found some video of Da Real Lambo buying some LeBrons at the corner store, dropping N-Bombs and possibly having automatic weapons.


Other Source:  JSJ