(Video) NBA: LeBron James With James Harden Style Defense As Cavaliers Lose Again

IFWT_LeBron 1

Yes, it’s still very early in the season but a lot is expected of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He teamed up with Kyrie Irving and traded for Kevin Love to form a new “Big 3″ and super team.  Unfortunately things haven’t quite worked out yet.  They have a first-time NBA head coach in David Blatt and everyone is still trying to adjust to their new roles and playing together.  The team is currently on a four-game losing streak and their latest loss came to the Toronto Raptors 110-93 on Saturday night.  LeBron James has come forth saying that he isn’t setting a great example for the team and it definitely looks that way.

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NBA: Paul Pierce Discusses Longstanding Rivalry With LeBron James

IFWT_Paul Pierce Wizards

The rivalry between Pierce and James spanned through different teams and many playoff series and was quite contentious at times. Many believe that the heat between the two was volatile and potentially personal, but Pierce made some recent comments that proved that there is more respect between the two than many believed. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: LeBron James’ Opener Jersey Auctioned For $50K!


A loyal fan has dished out a total of $50,040 for the sweaty Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, donned by none other than LeBron James. Even better, he ONLY scored 17 points this game, yet still managed to upsell his Game 1 Miami Heat jersey! Hit the jump for more info on James and other auctioned jerseys…

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(Video) NBA: LeBron James Has Crucial Turnover on Final Play as Spurs Beat Cavaliers

GTY 459259840 S BKN USA OH

The fans who refer to LeBron James as LeChoke had quite a time last night as the San Antonio Spurs beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 92-90.  It was an exciting matchup as expected as the NBA Champions took on LeBron and the new look Cavaliers.  The game came down to the wire as Manu Ginobli hit 1-of-2 freethrows giving the Spurs a 92-90 lead.  The Cavaliers had 9 seconds to hit a shot to tie or win the game when James was dribbling to half court and lost control of the ball, committing his fifth and final turnover of the game.  Ginobli recovered the ball and dribbled it out as the clock ran down.  When the buzzer hit LeBron simply put his hand up taking blame for the loss and walked off the court.

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(Video) NBA: LeBron James & His Sons Renovate Home In Akron For Charity


LeBron appeared on HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” and showed how handy he is around the house and even had his children involved. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: What?! NBA Makes A Huge Donation To Get Prince William & Kate Middleton To Attend Game

Prince William & Kate Middleton

The NBA made a $1 million dollar donation to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s charity in exchange for them attending the Cavs v. Nets game in January. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Jesse Jackson Believes That Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be Proud Of This Superstar

Martin Luther King

What an honor! Jackson is one of the most notable figures of the civil rights movement and was a trusted friend of Dr. King. Reporters recently caught up with the Reverend who said that Dr. King would be proud of LeBron James. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: So Cool, Kid Wants a High-Five & LeBron James Gives Him His Headband

IFWT_LeBron fan

The Cleveland Cavaliers narrowly beat the Boston Celtics 122-121 in Boston on Friday night, and a young fan wearing a Cavs jersey wanted a high-five after the game.

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(Photos) NBA: Feeling Them Or Nah? Christmas Day NBA Jersey’s Revealed With Changes


Everyone hated the Christmas day jersey’s for the NBA last year with the big logo and longer sleeves. The NBA heard people loud and clear about not liking the sleeves, but they didn’t exactly improve the jersey for one of the more marquee days on the NBA calender. The jersey’s come with first name only nameplates with the team logo centered. Jokes are already starting on twitter but some look better than others. For example, Lebron’s jersey for the Cavs doesn’t look too bad, but something about Derrick Rose’s jersey for the Bulls just looks cheap. Take a look for yourself.

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NBA: Check Out How Much Rap Superstar Rick Ross Is Willing To Bet On The Heat Doing Better Than The Cavs

Rick Ross

Ross is a huge Miami Heat fan and has been a constant staple at the American Airlines arena. With all the recent talk about the Cavs straight dominating the Eastern Conference due to LeBron’s return, Ross is willing to bet 100k on James’s former team finishing with a better record. Hit the jump for details.

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