(Video) NBA: Check Out How Dwyane Wade & LeBron James Decide Who Pays the Dinner Bill

IFWT_Wade LeBron 1

So how do you decided who pays the bill when everybody in the party is rich?  Dwyane Wade has a simple answer, play the credit card game!

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(Video) NFL: Cam Newton Adds LeBron James Tribute to His Touchdown Celebration, LeBron Reacts

IFWT_Cam Newton

Everybody knows Cam Newton does his “Superman” rendition when he scores a touchdown but during a preseason game he decided to add a little twist.  LeBron James is known for marching with his knees high then pumping his chest.  Newton added that to his touchdown celebration before doing his usual Superman routine.  LeBron caught wind of it and saluted him on Twitter.

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NFL: Adrian Peterson Says He’s the ‘LeBron James of the NFL’

IFWT_Adrian Peterson LeBron James

Who’s the LeBron James of the NFL?  Well Adrian Peterson is back in the league, and he’s back to asserting himself as the league’s best running back.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Puts On Amazing Dunk Show At Nike Event In The Philippines!


Lebron James has completely take over the Nike rise event in the Philippines and why wouldn’t he. In what was supposed to be just an exhibition game with players from the country, Bron decided to put on his own dunk contest and really threw down a couple serious slams!

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NBA: LeBron James Sponsored Tweets Valued at $140K, or $1K Per Character


Athletes have been getting money from endorsements for a long time but social media created another avenue for them and other celebrities (or even regular folks with a lot of followers) to bring in extra money.  You’ll often see sponsored tweets but to get someone as big as LeBron James to simply tweet your product is definitely going to cost you big bucks.

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NBA: Michael Jordan Makes More Annually in Endorsements Than Any Current NBA Player


Michael Jordan might not be in the league anymore but he’s still the greatest of all time and gets paid like it.  Jordan actually makes more in endorsements than any current NBA player; yes even King James.

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NBA: Shaq Chooses Between Michael Jordan & LeBron James But Says This Player Was the ‘Best’


There’s been an ongoing debate of who would win if Michael Jordan and LeBron James played each other one-on-one while both were in their primes.  Of course Jordan said he would beat LeBron and LeBron said he would beat Jordan.  Well Shaquille O’Neal played against both of them and weighed in on the debate but he also threw in another name.

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(Video) NBA: LeBron James Hints That Space Jam 2 Could Be In the Works


LeBron James signed a mega production deal with Warner Bros and reignited speculation that he would star in Space Jam 2; a possible sequel to the iconic Space Jam that starred Michael Jordan.  James has hinted about the movie before and although he won’t come out and commit to it actually happening, he once again gave hope to people who want to see it.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Responds To Michael Jordan Saying He Would Beat Him One On One


It feels like no matter what some reporter is talking to Lebron James about, at some point they find an excuse to mention Michael Jordan. Bron will be linked to MJ forever and there is nothing he can do about it but sometimes I wish the comparisons would stop. Earlier this week, MJ said there was “no question” he could defeat Lebron One on One in his prime. So while Lebron was doing a great thing yesterday and announcing that about 1,100 kids were going to go to college for free as long as they complete his “I Promise” plan, of course, the name Jordan still came up.

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NBA: Lebron James Promises To Cover The College Tuition Of 1,100 Kids In His Foundation!


Welp, can we just give the NBA man of the year award to Lebron already? Because it will be quite hard for any other player to do something that tops Bron’s generosity and compassion off the court after the announcement he just made. Yesterday Bron said that he and the university of Akron will be covering the full expense of college for the 1,100 kids that are currently apart of his Lebron James Family Foundation.

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