(Video) NBA: Damn! Lebron Throws In One Handed Shot From Opposite Side Of The Court With Ease


We gotta wonder sometimes if Lebron is even human. Some of the things he does athletically at his size aren’t even fair and this is another prime example. The Cavs are in Boston and looking to sweep the Celtics, but during some down time, Bron is throwing shots up that resemble his old Powerade commercials, except this was real! Lebron took the ball and threw it quarterback style from one end of the court to the other basket and the result was nothing but net! Sounds like someone owes him some money too for betting he couldn’t do it. I can’t think of anyone else in the league who could make this shot look so easy.

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(Video) NBA: Lebron James Tells Evan Turner “You Tried” After Turner Tried To Put Him On A Poster


Last night the King has to remind the peasant Evan Turner that he is still sitting on the throne of the NBA. Turner wants to be Lebron so bad, but obviously he isn’t even on the same planet when it comes to skills. Turner needed to be checked after randomly telling Lebron a couple weeks ago that his son wasn’t as good as other young players he knows. It was such a random thing to say that it makes you think, what was his point? Turner also was hit with a flagrant foul earlier in the game last night for tackling Lebron on a fast break. You know Turner was eventually going to get his.

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NBA: LeBron James Responds to the Shots Pat Riley Threw at Him

2014 NBA Finals - Practice and Media Availability

Miami Heat president Pat Riley explained the team’s approach to this year’s NBA Draft and said “No more smiling faces with hidden agendas, so we’ll be going in clean.”  Many people took that as a shot at LeBron James after the Hear drafted Shabazz Napier to please James and LeBron later surprised Riley by leaving the Heat and returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  LeBron was asked about Riley’s comments and here’s what he had to say.

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NBA: Is Pat Riley Throwing Shots at LeBron James?!


Miami Heat president Pat Riley addressed his team’s approach to the NBA draft on Monday.  Some interpreted his comments as shots at LeBron James.  What do you think?

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NBA: LeBron James v. Michael Jordan Argument Leads to Arrest For Felony Aggravated Assault

IFWT Lebron x Jordan

LeBron James has been compared to Michael Jordan for years with just about every one of their stats being tested against each other.  Picking either James or Jordan could lead to LONG drawn out discussions but this particular spat in the matter turned very physical.

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NBA: Evan Turner Tells LeBron James, Andre Iguodala’s Son Can Beat LeBron James Jr.


LeBron James son, LeBron James Jr. already has a bunch of YouTube highlight videos (seen HERE and HERE) and is regarded by many as the best fourth grader in the country (too early to rank kids btw).  But according to Evan Turner, LBJ Jr. has some competition.

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NBA: John Wall Says Pride & Ego Makes Players Voting on MVP a Bad Idea


Some people (including the players) have a problem with the media choosing the winners of major awards such as MVP.  The players feel some of them don’t have the best relationship with the media, and that they play against each other each night so they would have a better idea of which player is better.  That makes sense, so the NBA players association announced on Tuesday that they were going to host a NBAPA Players Choice Awards at Las Vegas Summer League this year. The awards would include MVP and be voted on by players.  While players like Kevin Durant and LeBron James are all for it, John Wall isn’t and explained the problem with players voting amongst themselves.

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(Photos) NBA: Your Favorite Classic Hip Hop Albums Get Remade With NBA Covers


This is so funny and so dope at the same time. Kudos to artist Jesse Nunez and his Photoshop skills for taking some of the best rap albums of all time and remixing the covers with current NBA stars. Melo’s “Get a ring or die trying” is so perfect but he also used Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and the Clippers. My personal fave though is what he did with Lebron & Kyrie on the cover of Raekwon’s “Only built 4 Cuban Linx”. Check out the gallery!

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NFL: James Harden On MVP Award: “I Deserve It Over Steph Curry”


Steph Curry is all the talk this morning after his monster game last night against the Blazers, where he dropped 45 points and broke his own single season record for three pointers made. Everyone woke up today saying the MVP race is now over, because that is what people do. They let emotions impact their statements and totally forget about reality. Just because Steph had a good game last night does not mean he has outperformed James Harden the entire season and Harden has no problem saying he deserves the award more.

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(Photos) NBA: Lebron James Writes Extremely Heart Felt Message To Lauren Hill After She Passed Away


Just because certain people are famous athletes or celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t share the same emotions as common folk and feel the same pains. 19 Year old Lauren Hill passed away yesterday after losing her tough, long fight with brain cancer. Lauren did all she could in her short time, including never giving up on her dream of playing college basketball. She never complained, she just lived her life to the fullest before she had to go and Lebron James got very emotional about it on twitter today. Anyone still hating on Bron when he does things like this needs to let it go. Check the gallery!

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