(Video) NBA: Well Damn! JR Smith Connects With Lebron For The Alley Oop From Half Court


The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a party right now as they are embarrassing the Charlotte Hornets. Obviously they aren’t literally partying, but the way they are beating Charlotte down, the entire atmosphere in the arena is festive. It got even more loud when JR Smith hit Lebron with a crazy alley oop pass from half court and the King finished the job! Happy to see JR enjoying himself in Cleveland.

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NBA: Get Ready NYC! All-Star Starters Annouced, Steph Curry The Top Overall Vote Getter


This year seems a little different in the NBA. Teams that are just usually average or worse are suddenly the best in the league. The usual super stars haven’t been producing this year for various reasons and it has shown in their teams records. The MVP race doesn’t include names like Bron, KD, Kobe, but instead Steph, Unibrow and the Beard. With that said, Steph Curry has won the overall vote for the NBA All-Star game in NYC next month and he couldn’t be happier. Check out what he said along with the rest of the starting lineups.

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NBA Report: LeBron James Met With Ray Allen in Miami To Try & Convince Him to Join the Cavs

NBA: New York Knicks at Miami Heat

We’re almost at the half way mark of the season and everyone is still waiting on Ray Allen’s decision; will he sign with one of the NBA’s championship contenders or will he retire?  It was assumed that he would rejoin his old teammate LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers but they struggled quite a bit especially with James on the sideline with a knee injury.  While James was in Miami rehabbing that injury, he decided to pay his old friend Allen a visit and try to coax him into joining him.

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NBA: LOL Shots! Dion Waiters Has Funny Response to Why He’s Successful in OKC


Since Dion Waiters was traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a ton of shots have been thrown, off the court…  Kevin Durant said he would make Waiters “feel wanted” and so far he’s been going out of his way to do so, including moving Waiters’ locker closer to his and Russell Westbrook.  “(I) don’t think he felt that the last couple years,” Durant said.  It was no secret that there was clearly some friction between Waiters, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James on the Cavaliers.  Several videos went viral of James refusing to pass the ball to Waiters.  So naturally when Waiters was asked why he’s successful with the OKC Thunder, he used the opportunity to throw shots at his former team.

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NBA: J.R. Smith Compares LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony’s Leadership Skills

IFWT_JR Smith Cavs

J.R. Smith was traded from the New York Knicks to the Cleveland Cavaliers so it was only a matter of time until someone asked him the differences between playing with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.  Smith always keeps it real and honest, so see what he had to say.

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(Video) NBA: LeBron James Says This Is The Best He’s Felt All Season


On Sunday, LeBron James said he felt better in his three games back from injury than he had all season! The NBA star had to sit out eight games due to a sore knee & back. However, King James is back in full effect, & he’s here to let everyone know coming off a West Coast road trip with him team where they earned back-to-back wins…

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(Photos) NBA: Did Heat Owner Micky Arison Throw Shots at LeBron & the Cleveland Cavs?

IFWT_Micky Arison LeBron James

When LeBron James left the Miami Heat and returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Heat owner Micky Arison said he was shocked and disappointed but also thanked James for everything he did for the team.  When James returned to Miami to play against the Heat the first time this season, he received a standing ovation and video tribute in his honor.  So it seemed Arison has been gracious in the loss of King James but he might be a little more bitter than we thought.

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(Video) NBA: Hakeem Olajuwon Says It’s Not Even Close When Comparing Jordan & Lebron


When a hall of famer like Hakeem Olajuwon weighs in on a basketball related topic, his opinion counts more than most. He did everything you could ever wanna do in an NBA career and he did it at a time where the league was tougher and reaching new heights. He played against Jordan in his prime so he gets asked alot about his game and in this instance the reporter asked about the familiar comparison of MJ to Lebron and the Dream was very matter of fact with his answer, while still showing respect to Lebron. Remember, he has spent one on one time training Lebron on some moves and he has a good idea of what Bron brings to the table.

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(Photos) NBA: Ah Man, It’s Getting Worse! Fans Go In On Lebron’s Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Hairline


It is no secret Lebron is struggling with his hairline, it has been happening for years. More recently though it appeared as if he got work done on his hair to maybe help regrow the follicles, I mean we all know he can afford any price. Sadly for Bron though sometimes hair loss just can’t be saved regardless of how much money you have to spend. It is clear at this point that Bron puts something in his hair to make it appear more full than it really is because the second he starts to play and sweat, that fake hair disappears quick! Some fans took notice last night and went in on the King!

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Misses Dunk Attempt & Kobe’s Reaction Is Priceless


Even the greats can mess up once in a while! Lebron was on a fast break last night against the Lakers and had a seemingly easy throw down off an alley oop pass from Kyrie, but to everyone’s amazement, Lebron missed the dunk! The crowd at the Staples Center sure loved it and Kobe’s reaction was just classic! The Cavs hung on to finally win a game though!

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