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NBA: Kanye West Compares Himself & Kim Kardashian To “Two LeBrons”

IFWT_Ye bron 12

In a recent interview with GQ, Kanye referred to him and his wife Kim Kardashian as “two LeBrons”.  He used that term as he was talking about not being very active on Twitter anymore.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly where he was going with this, so I’ll leave it up to you for interpretation.
Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: How SWEET! LeBron Sends His Neighbors A Gift With Note To Apologize For ‘Chaos’


Isn’t this sweet of LeBron & his family?!  He’s moved back home and he wants to make sure he’s in a good place with his neighbors, so he sent them a gift apologizing for the traffic & chaos surrounding his decision part 2.   The note is actually pretty cute & creative.
Check out what he got them…

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NBA: Was He Influenced By His Inner Circle?! LeBron’s Business Partner Speaks on LeBron’s Decision

IFWT_LeBron Maverick Carter 1

LeBron James’ business partner, Maverick Carter, is speaking out about LeBron’s decision to return to Cleveland.  Many think that LeBron may have been pushed that way.  Was that the case?!
Check out what he had to say about the situation…

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No Number Yet, But NBA Store Sells Out of LeBron James Cavs Jerseys


The power of LeBron James.  Geez-us.  We’re you waiting for LeBron to pick a jersey number before you ordered yours?!  Welp, now you might be waiting for a while before you can cop one.  Apparently the NBA store has sold out of LeBron’s home, away & alternate jerseys.
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NBA: Mario Chalmers: ‘I Never Thought Anyone Would Want to Leave Miami for Cleveland’

IFWT_Chalmers LBJ

While Mike Miller and James Jones decided to follow LeBron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers remained in Miami with Dwyane Wade.  Chalmers in fact was shocked James would leave beautiful Miami for Cleveland.

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NBA: Andrew Wiggins Responds to Trade Rumors & Wanting to Play With LeBron James


Andrew Wiggins was the No. 1 pick in the 2014 draft.  The season hasn’t begun yet and he’s already dealing with trade rumors.  These reports usually take a toll on even veteran players but the rookie seems to be handling himself just fine.  Check out what he had to say.

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(Photos) NBA: 23 Or 6?? Lebron Asks Fans For Help With Cavs Jersey Number


Lebron may be back in Cleveland but he still doesn’t know what jersey number to go with. He was obviously #23 with the Cavs in his first stint with the team before changing to number 6 with the Miami Heat. The number 6 is also is team USA number. James’ website, LeBronJames.com, briefly showed him in a No. 6 jersey, but that was soon replaced. James took to social media Friday to get the input of his fans. Sources have told ESPN that James was also considering No. 32, which he wore his freshman year of high school when 23 wasn’t available. The people who are waiting his decision the most are retailers looking to cash in on the influx of jersey sales that will occur once he makes up his mind. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Move Over MJ, Guess Who Is Now America’s Favorite Athlete


Michael Jordan has long been named the most popular athlete in America, even years after his retirement. His legacy is legendary and everlasting which is why 10 years after stepping off the court for the final time he still commands the attention of people as if he was still dunking on people. A poll was done this week, just as it is every year and for the first time in a while someone other than Jordan is at the top of the list. All it took was a major power move. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Report, Cavs Now Willing To Trade Andrew Wiggins After Lebron Personally Calls Kevin Love


All it took was one phone call from the King to change the Cleveland Cavaliers way of thinking. Ever since Lebron announced last week that he was returning to the Cavs, the team has been in constant talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves regarding trading for Kevin Love. The deal has been pretty stagnant due to the fact the Cavs said they were unwilling to trade number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins. Apparently as of last night that has changed and it is all thanks to Bron himself. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: New Trailer Released For ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ Comedy Series Produced By LeBron James


Last month we got a tiny look at the STARZ Original Series, Survivor’s Remorse.  LeBron James is one of the executive producers.  Now we’re getting a more detailed look at what the show will be about.  The series premiere takes place October 4th.
Check it out…

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