43-year-old Christie Black has recently been hospitalized and is also facing criminal charges after stealing $5,000 from her boyfriend. But, there’s more to it. Her hiding spot is definitely one for the books. After severe bleeding upon the attempted recovery of the hidden money with a toilet brush and tongs, her hiding place was revealed. Check it out after the jump.

As Lil Wayne’s ‘Dedication 5’ drops, let’s reflect on a memorable lyric from ‘Dedication 2,’ “I got money out the a**… I’m rich.” Get it? She hid the money in her rectum. I guess it could have been worse, luckily (I think) for her, the cash was in denominations of hundred dollar bills.

Her boyfriend, Bobby Gulley, explained that he put the money in plain sight as a trap because he believed that Black had been consistently stealing from him. During questioning by a sheriff’s deputy, “Black admitted to taking the money and medication because Mr. Gulley was going to kick her out and she needed money for a place to live.”

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Jamaal Fisher