IFWT_2 chainz
Click the jump to see an exclusive interview with 2 Chainz on DJ Skee’s “Skee Live”!

Rebecca S

2 chainz has been in the spotlight recently, but unfortunately not for the best reasons. Besides being recently arrested for a tour bus drug bust, he was also apart of a robbery at gunpoint. On DJ Skee’s “Skee Live”, 2 chainz explains himself and talks about how he deals with the negative media. He says, “You just keep it moving. I come from an urban, challenged background…I come from an apartment…and a bunch of guys raised by single mothers. I made it in a lot of people’s eyes. Once people, or the law, whoever figures that we’re roughly on the same team, because I’m out here, basically just tryin’ to feed my family. You know, paying taxes…and none of us are perfect. Let me be the first to say that.” Check it out and more in the video below.

Via HipHopDX