At South Bay Mall in Dorchester, a homeless man returned a backpack with $2,400 in cash, $39,500 in travelers checks and a passport that he found. The man was in front of the TJ Maxx Store as he flagged down the Boston Police officers at South Bay Mall. The man claims that he found a black backpack that had a large sum of cash and a passport in the front of the store. The officials took all the things and notified mall management. The Boston Police claim, “the homeless man could only provide officers with his name and the address of the shelter where he currently lives.” Later Saturday night, police were contacted by an employee of Best Buy who said a customer lost his backpack. The passport and the customer’s identity matched… and he got his stuff returned back to him. Now, they’ve officially opened a fund where you can donate to the homeless man. The goal was initially $50 or $60k but they’ve already surpassed that goal. It’s currently at $80k+ and now they’ve changed the goal to $250k. Glad the man was able to help and I’m happy people are going to help change his life around.

Would YOU return the bag?

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