What seemed very innocent and fun during a live interview last night turned out not to be. Chiefs coach Andy Reid, in his first game back in Philly was pretty much forced into an interview immediately following the end of the game. ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio pushed the microphone in the face of Reid and it got weird. Hit the jump for more.


It was painfully obvious that Andy Reid just wanted to get off the field. During the interview he asks the reporter if “he is blocking him”?, and then a few seconds later tells his staff to keep walking because “this guy ain’t that important”. It seemed like coach Reid was just joking with the reported until finding out today that Reid and the Chiefs already told the media he would not be doing any on field interviews right after the game. So when Paolantonio sticks the mic in his face, you can tell he is annoyed and was actually not joking when he made those comments. He even sarcastically tells the reporter how big time of a reporter he is. Watch the video below.