As vehicles representing the International Committee of the Red Cross filled with workers, were traveling they were bombarded by gunmen who opened fire upon their vehicles before fleeing with 6 hostages, hit the jump for the full story!

Adriela Batista

The Damascus Red Cross employees were tragically captured during the attack, by what the the news agency alleges are “terrorists,” “a term the government uses to refer to those opposed to President Bashar al-Assad,” reports the WP

“The Gunmen abducted six Red Cross workers and a Syrian Red Crescent volunteer after stopping their convoy early Sunday in northwestern Syria” stated a spokesman in what is considered to be the “latest high-profile kidnapping in the country’s civil war”.

The Red Cross team had been stationed their since Thursday in efforts to search for a way to provide medical aid after assessing the medical situation in the area.

This is a recurring tragedy, as kidnapping has increased recently within the region, targeting mostly aid workers/volunteers and foreign journalists, at the hands of rebels and islamic extremists.

“Reporters Without Borders, an advocate for press freedom, calls Syria the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, with 25 killed and at least 33 imprisoned since the anti-Assad uprising began in March 2011,” reports, the Washington Post.