Blood Banks Running Low

The American cross organization encourages people to donate blood now, so that the supplies would last throughout the summer.

(Video) Update: Site Of East Harlem Explosion Saturated With Natural Gas!

New details have emerged about the explosion in East Harlem. Officials are claiming that the explosion was due to a natural gas leak, contrary to earlier reports that it may have been caused by Con Edison. There was a concentration of natural gas up to 20% in the area, based on a study from the National Transportation Safety Board. Dozens of residents have been displaced because of the tragedy. 34 empty apartments on the East Side has been donated to house the victims for three months, until permanent homes are found. To see news coverage of East Harlem’s displaced victims and learn about the help they are receiving, click below.

Red Cross Workers Are Kidnapped In Syria!!!

As vehicles representing the International Committee of the Red Cross filled with workers, were traveling they were bombarded by gunmen who opened fire upon their vehicles before fleeing with 6 hostages, hit the jump for the full story!

Hmm, Who Knew Bugs Could Make A Whole Building Collapse ?!?!

Her Plan Was To Rid Her Salon Of Bugs, Not Destroy The Whole Building, right? Hit the jump for the full story!

NBA: Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief Fund

This is just so touching! Such a giving move on Kevin Durant’s part & this will help so many people in need. #PrayForOklahoma Report after the jump…

Tech Talk Device: Red Cross Plans On Saving Life, Battery Life!!!!

I was in KissFM stressing this Beautiful Woman(no Names necessary, cause she isn’t in to me like that) and I ran across this device meant to save lives, and by lives I do mean Battery Life, and they plan on doing it With a Solar Powered Emergency Radio, and Arm Power if you need it, Hit th Jump on the Ipso Facto. +TatWZA

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