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Aledo football coach Tim Buchanan is being accused of bullying after his team won a football game 91-0.  Yes you read that right, 91-0.  Is that a good old fashioned molly whop OR is that bullying?!  I’d love to know what our readers think about this???
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Aledo football coach Tim Buchanan was sitting in his Texas office Saturday morning watching game film from a 91-0 victory over Western Hills on Friday night when an email popped up on his computer.

The subject line read “Bullying report.”

Buchanan couldn’t believe it and thought it was a joke until he read the email and realized a Western Hills parent had filled out the district’s online form, accusing the coaching staff of bullying thanks to the lopsided score.

Buchanan spent an hour in the superintendent’s office this week and the school is currently investigating, as mandated by the state. The Aledo principal told Buchanan that a written report is expected in the next day or so, something required by state law. Buchanan — who is in his 21st season as head coach at Aledo and said he has never been accused of bullying — said he has the support of the Aledo administration.

“[The report filed] compliments our players, saying they showed extremely good sportsmanship,” Buchanan said Tuesday morning. “This was not directed at our team, but the coaching staff for not instructing our players to ease up and quit playing hard once the game was in hand.”

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