(Video) 11-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor Killed Herself Over Bullying

11-year-old Bethany Thompson, was from Cable, Ohio. Thompson recently killed herself after being a brain cancer survivor. She had been cancer free since 2008. Thompson suffered nerve damage from treatment that resulted in a crooked smile. According to Wendy Feucht, Thompson’s mother, she was getting picked on because of her smile.

50 Cent Donates $100,000 To Autism Awareness

50 Cent is trying to make things right after he wrongly called out an autistic teen for being on drugs. Since the incident went viral last week, the teen’s family has demanded both an apology and a monetary donation from the G-Unit rapper, at first to the tune of $1 million. After receiving the apology, however, they softened their stance, and asked that Fif merely donate $10k to an autism awareness group. He’s now done that – times 10!

(Video) Dude Gets What’s Coming To Him After Bullying Chinese Delivery Man

This kid needs to be in school or working or something…instead he’s just bullying the delivery man. Hit the jump.

(Photos) Hot 97 Teams Up With Drake & OVO To Give Teen Who Was Set On Fire By “Friends” A Merry Christmas

Earlier this year, a 13-year-old Long Island teen by the name of Deandre Bloomfield was lured to the house of an alleged “friend,” and ultimately set on fire, suffering burns of the second and third degree all over his body. Having one leg longer than the other, Deandre has long been the victim of bullying, and this incident finally has others paying attention. It’s sad it took this long! According to Deandre‘s mother, the boy sprayed cologne on Deandre and then lit matches until he caught on fire. He tried to run, but because of the aforementioned disability, he was unsuccessful. The worst part? The mother and sister of the boy were present and tried to cover up the incident for TWO hours before calling police, and they’re still trying to say it was all an accident. Crazy! Touched by the story, Hot 97‘s Ebro In The Morning teamed up with Drake and OVO, and made sure that despite all of the hardships, Deandre could still have a merry Christmas. Listen to Ebro‘s call to Deandre below, and get a closer look at some of his gifts! Our prayers are with him and his family.

(Video) Woman Sprays Boy In The Face On New York Subway Train After Confrontation

A video between two train passengers in New York on the No. 2 train in the Bronx shows a woman shooting spray into a boy’s face who was bullying her. Check out the crazy video and read more on the story after the jump!

(Photos) Ebola Scare Causes Bullying In NYC School

On Friday afternoon at I.S. 318 in Tremont, (Bronx NY) two brothers Amadou (11 years old) and Pape (13 years old) were attacked on their school grounds, after two weeks of consistent bullying. This all stemming from the Ebola scare which has just recently hit NYC, and the Ebola source is West Africa.

(Update) Football: Further Details Reveal ‘Sexual’ Hazing On Jersey High School Football Team

Screaming ‘PINEAPPLES’ at the top of my lungs in my best Kevin Hart voice. Remember the story of the season cancellation for Sayreville War Memorial High School, well new details have surfaced on this story. Apparently, Sayreville upperclassmen would shut off the lights in the locker room, pin a freshman down, and force a finger into his butt. Occasionally, the upperclassmen would then force that finger into a victim’s mouth. WTF, hit the jump below to read more on this mind-blowing story!!!

Football: Hard Lesson Learned – NJ Football Team’s Entire Season Cancelled For Bullying!

A central NJ high school has opted to set a more enforced standard against bullying. Sayreville War Memorial High officials announced the cancellation of the remainder of the football season in a Monday night meeting. The school is a well-known contender in its league, so the news hasn’t been accepted by students, parents, and community fans. However, school officials REFUSE to budge as some things are more important than winning. Jump on the link below to check out more on this story.

(Photo) Outraged! Drew Carey Offers $10,000 Reward For Ice Bucket Bullies!

Completely outraged! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken a turn down the wrong path and it’s truly disheartening. Earlier this week in Bay Village, Ohio a disgusting prank was played on a 14 year-old autistic teen who thought he was completing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead students, who remain unidentified, poured a bucket of urine, feces, and spit on him. See more below!

(Photo) NBA: Shaq, Waka Flocka & Trey Burke Sued For Mocking Fan On Social Media

NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal, Utah Jazz player Trey Burke, and rapper Waka Flocka Flame were all named in a defamation suit today after mocking a man with a rare facial disorder on social media. Hit the jump for details.

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