Brett Favre

While it’s probably not a good idea for Favre, I know a lot of fans that would LOVE to see this happen! Sorry Tim Tebow, after losing QB Sam Bradford to injury, the Rams have called Brett Favre.  Will he make a comeback?!  Details after the jump…




For all the questions about whether the Rams would call Tim Tebow after Sam Bradford suffered his season ending injury, they didn’t. They called a bigger name, higher-profile quarterback.

After the team lost Bradford to a season-ending knee injury, St. Louis called Brett Favre on Sunday night, asking if the 44-year-old retired quarterback who is now a grandfather, would be willing to leave his farm to plow through the back half of the Rams’ schedule, league sources said.

Favre hasn’t played since December of 2010, but that didn’t stop the Rams from reaching out to Favre’s agent, Bus Cook.


Via CBS:

The man who once seemed to come out of retirement every offseason has no intentions of playing again in the NFL. Earlier this month Favre told “I am [in shape], but I am no way considering playing.”

And his agent conveyed a similar message to the Rams: Favre’s NFL gunslingin’ days are firmly behind him.