Michael Jordan knows the Bobcats are not a competitive team. They have gone 62-168 in his three full seasons as the majority owner. He knows things won’t be much different this year either. But make no mistake, he will make sure his team competes every night as if they have something to play for. With a few teams rumored to be trying to lose this season on purpose to try and get one of the best players coming out of college next year, Jordan replied with this. “It’s not guaranteed the player you are going to get is going to be that star anyway,” Jordan said. “I did read that certain teams are thinking about doing it. But I’m not one of them. So let’s alleviate that conversation.” Teams tank to try and get a good college player and then they either don’t wind up with the player they wanted, or the young man who they thought would change their franchise winds up not being a good pro player. It is big risk if a team does that. Jordan also said jokingly “If that was my intention I never would have paid (free agent) Al Jefferson $13 million a year.” Hit the jump for an interesting video about the topic.