Really NBA?!  Maybe I’m missing something?!  Apparently the NBA wants Derrick Rose to stop wearing the tape on his neck (see photo above & in gallery).  Some fans probably didn’t even notice it. Check out why the Bulls baller has been wearing it & let us know if you think the NBA is right or wrong in asking him to stop???
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Via SI.com:

If catching flack for his slow start wasn’t enough, Derrick Rose is now also taking heat for the protective tape he’s been wearing around his neck.

According to K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune, the NBA has asked Rose to stop wearing the tape, which he has donned during games to deal with a sore neck.

“As long as the league allows me to,” he said, according to ESPN.com. “If I have a breakthrough game I might wear it the whole year.”

But Rose also said the tape also served a very specific purpose, one that seems to making the NBA’s ruling significant.

“Keeping my neck stable,” he told ESPN. “When you have a crick in your neck it’s kind of hard to turn side to side so it’s kind of keeping my neck in line and making sure my vertebras are safe.”