NBA: Derrick Rose Was Not Happy With The Rumors Of Him Wanting To Retire

photo credit: youtube By now you already know the soap opera that was Derrick Rose and the Knicks this week. After disappearing on the team Monday night prior to the game against the Pelicans, Rose eventually contacted the Knicks and let them know he had a family issue. Whether you believe him or not is up to you but regardless, it happened. The bizarre atmosphere that night led to many rumors, which included talk of Rose retiring. Since he has already returned to the team, retirement clearly wasn’t on his mind and he let reporters know that after the Knicks win over the Bulls.

NBA: Derrick Rose Reportedly Wants 5-Year, $150 Million Max Contract

Derrick Rose pulled a disappearing act on the New York Knicks earlier this week, and sources said he briefly talked about walking away from basketball altogether for a while, but today Rose said he’s happy to be back with his teammates and is ready to get back on the court.  Despite the minor mental breakdown, Rose is very much confident in his abilities, so much so, he’s seeking a max contract when he becomes a free agent at the end of this season.

NBA Report: Derrick Rose Briefly ‘Talked About Walking Away From Basketball’ During Disappearance

Derrick Rose left the Knicks on Monday, deciding not to show up for their game against the New Orleans Pelicans; no call, no text, no email, nothing, just vanished.  After a couple hours of utter confusion, he contacted team officials letting them know he returned to Chicago and needed to be with his family.  Tuesday, Rose reappeared at the Knicks practice facility, in uniform.  During his presser, he said it was a “family issue,” but didn’t expound much further other than it involved his mother.  Apparently, there’s something more going on with the Knicks point guard.

(Video) NBA: Derrick Rose Gets Fine for Going AWOL; Shows Up at Knicks Practice Says “Things Happen”

Derrick Rose has returned… The New York Knicks point guard went AWOL Monday night, not showing up for their game against the New Orleans Pelicans, and no one seemed to know what was going on.  Tuesday, Rose showed up at Knicks practice, in uniform.  But what happened?

NBA: Derrick Rose Sounds Like He Never Wants To Leave New York

Derrick Rose might not be playing at the same level with the Knicks that made him an MVP with the Bulls back in 2011 but after the injuries and falling out of favor in the windy city, his career is experiencing a bit of a resurgence in New York. He’s averaging 16.4ppg to go along with just under five assists and four rebounds per game but more important than all of that, he seems to truly be enjoying the game and his new environment.

(Photos) NBA: Check Out Derrick Rose’s Sexy Girlfriend Alaina Anderson

  It turns out Derrick Rose has a super hot girlfriend and her name is Alaina Anderson.

NBA: Derrick Rose Not Concerned After Woman Who Lost Civil Suit Against Him Files Appeal

It was just late last month when the woman who filed a civil suit to the tune of $21 million dollars against Derrick Rose and his friends, accusing them of sexual assault, lost her battle in court. In her eyes however the war isn’t over and she has appealed the verdict from last month. The filing, which was made on Thursday, says pertinent evidence was excluded and jury instructions were tainted.

NBA: Derrick Rose Seeking $70,000 in Court Costs From His Rape Accuser

Last month a nine-person jury cleared Derrick Rose and his two friends, tossing out a $21.5 million lawsuit a woman filed, claiming that Rose and his friends gang-raped her while she was incapacitated from drugs or alcohol.  Now Rose is seeking $70,000 in court costs and damages.

(Video) NBA: Derrick Rose Gets Booed In His Return To Chicago But Leaves With The Last Laugh

Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah made their return to Chicago last night as members of the Knicks and the reception wasn’t all love. Despite Rose single handedly keeping the franchise relevant when he was there and giving the city all he had, he was still met with some boo’s last night while Noah seemed to receive nothing but love. At the end of the night I doubt Rose cared much after having his best overall game as a Knick and more importantly, getting the win.

(Video) NBA: Derrick Rose’s Lawyer Voices Strong Opinion Of Media And Black Men

Earlier today, Derrick Rose and the other men accused were exonerated for the alleged rape charges brought against them late last year. Check out what his lawyer had to say about it.

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