Derrick Rose might not be playing at the same level with the Knicks that made him an MVP with the Bulls back in 2011 but after the injuries and falling out of favor in the windy city, his career is experiencing a bit of a resurgence in New York. He’s averaging 16.4ppg to go along with just under five assists and four rebounds per game but more important than all of that, he seems to truly be enjoying the game and his new environment.


“Being in the city, experiencing the way I’ve been experiencing it, and having the freedom that I have. I think it’s only a few places I can live in the States where I can have that much freedom and being here. I think they’re used to the celebrity,” Rose told The Daily News before going off for 24 points — including eight in the final seven minutes — in a 118-114 victory over the T-Wolves. “And with me — how can I put it? — me like learning who I am as a man, and experiencing everything I experienced, I really don’t like fame like that.”

“I can walk around and be a regular person here.”

Rose arrived in the Garden with just one year left on his contract but with his play and the Knicks looking like they are starting to come together, the talks about offering Rose an extension are definitely ongoing.

“For them to want to do it or for them to want to talk about it, it would let me know I’m on the right track,” the 28-year-old said.

Rose seems to be in love with the city of New York itself, referring countless times to how everyone in Chicago knew him and what car he was driving, who his friends were and etc. It’s clear now that he wasn’t the biggest fan of that and likes feeling more low key even though he is still a high profile athlete.

“You still have to go home, you still have to be around the city when you’re not playing. You still have to entertain yourself,” he said. “Playing for the Knicks is definitely a dream come true. But like I said, when I’m done playing basketball, when the game is over, I still want that freedom to go out and enjoy as a regular person.”

He can blend in better in the big apple but if the Knicks can really turn the franchise around and start winning some meaningful playoff games then there will be nowhere to hide because the hype will be insane. I don’t think he would mind it much though if that was the reason.