NBA: Carmelo Anthony Admits He Second Guessed His Decision To Stay With The Knicks


I totally feel Carmelo on this because even as a fan I second guessed myself numerous times this season as to why do I keep watching the Knicks. So I can only imagine the stress and frustration a player on the team would feel. When Carmelo re-signed with the Knicks last summer the last thing he expected was to be part of the worst team in franchise history and one of the worst teams in the league period. Can you imagine where Chicago would be right now if Melo went there? It sounds like Melo has thought about that too.

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NBA: So Ugly! The Knicks & Magic Set NBA Record In The Worst Way Possible


Players love to have their names associated with records. It gives a sense of accomplishment during a career, but there are some records players would want to avoid. The Knicks & Magic realized that last night and considering how bad the Knicks season has gone it is no surprise they would be involved in something like this.

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NBA: Report, Greg Monroe To The Knicks This Summer Is Basically A “Done Deal”


The Knicks can take ANY upgrades they can get at this point and it appears one seems to be on the way already, although it can not publicly be discussed. Pistons Greg Monroe will be a free agent this summer and knows he will be in demand. Phil Jackson and the Knicks however seem to be the front runner to land his services by a mile compared to other teams that will want him. While Monroe is not an elite forward at this point, he is young enough to still achieve greater heights in this game and let’s be honest, he would be a dramatic improvement over some of the front court players the team had this year.

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NBA: JR Smith Shares His Rules For Going Out So You Don’t Wind Up Like Chris Copeland


JR Smith learned a lot about nightlife during his tenure with the New York Knicks. In fact, most fans and people within the team thought he was spending too much time poppin’ bottles and running around the city than focusing on his career. Perhaps the change in location was a wake up call cause JR has been the JR of old (in a good way) since joining Lebron in Cleveland. Since we know he does enjoy the nightlife his rules for going out for celebs and athletes actually makes sense so you can avoid scary situations like what happened at 1oak with Chris Copeland. JR even compliments the club itself.

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NBA: Derek Fisher Says Knicks Can Win 63 Games Next Year


As a Knicks fan, I would like to believe in Derek Fisher. But when he is talking crazy like this it makes it a little harder. The Knicks have only won 15 games so far this season with just a few left. It is the worst season in the history of the franchise and while Fisher shouldn’t get a lot of blame for it, he does. Who knew back before the season started how quickly things would fall apart, or that Melo really wouldn’t be anywhere near 100% before shutting it down. It is cool to look forward to next season with a positive attitude, but to say a team this bad could win 48 more games next season is more than a stretch.

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NBA: Phil Jackson To Knicks Fans: “Sh*t Happens”


It’s no secret the Knicks are having the worst season in franchise history and have been difficult to even watch. It was the further thing from the minds of most fans and people within the organization the day Phil Jackson was hired to run things. It was an upbeat time in New York and the buzz was back at MSG. Unfortunately the buzz faded quick and the reality check came very fast. Phil himself described the season with two words, sh*t happens!

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NBA: Carmelo Can’t Deal With Sitting On The Bench & Watching The Horrible Knicks, But He Has A Reason


Carmelo Anthony obviously is not playing the rest of this season, but his presence has been missing from the Garden completely the past few weeks. Most players who are out with injuries tend to still act like part of the team and sit on the bench and cheer players on and offer advice. While finding things to cheer about at the Garden this season are few and far in between, his absence has caught the eye of people who wonder if he is being selfish. According to reports though, he actually isn’t out there during games because he doesn’t want to get hurt.

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NBA: Lebron James Passes Knicks Great Patrick Ewing To Move To #20 On All Time Scoring List


Coming into Thursday’s game against his old Heat team, Lebron just need two points to pass Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing on the all time scoring list. He went ahead and did that early in the first quarter, but you have to really look at the numbers to see just how prolific Lebron really is.

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(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Puts Manhattan Home For Sale At $12 Million!


If you’re in the market for an apartment with a prime location and an unbeatable view, Carmelo Anthony’s former Manhattan digs have hit the cutthroat New York real estate market. You too can live like the 6-foot-8 Knicks star, where high ceilings are an absolute must, for a cool $12 million. Sound steep? You haven’t see the gorgeous sunsets over the park. The big ticket price also affords a lucky buyer five gorgeous bedrooms and an address on Manhattan’s posh Fifth Avenue, home to some of the world’s wealthiest and most famous power players. According to Zillow, Melo’s 15th floor unit is one of 55 in the 1925 building. It features 4.5 baths, a living room, dining room and media/office space. Check the gallery!

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(Photo) NBA: Report, Marc Gasol Has No Interest In Knicks, Drops Hint About Possible New Team


Knicks fans…you can all let go of the hope that we were going to be able to sign Marc Gasol in the off season and steal him away from Memphis. He just made it very clear that New York will not be a destination for him and can you blame him? The entire franchise is a joke, and with the exception of the 2012-2013 season, we have been a joke for over a decade. Hopefully things will turn around next season, but Gasol won’t be apart of it. He did however drop a hint to a new possible location.

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