(Photo) NBA: Phil Jackson & Charles Barkley Fire Shots At Each Other


The Knicks were playing the Bulls last night and as the usual story of this season goes, the Knicks lost. Aside from the game itself though there was some entertainment going on via social media courtesy of Phil Jackson. He grew tired of Charles Barkley criticizing the triangle offense over and over so he decided to say something about it.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Denies Any Talk Of Waiving No-Trade Clause


I don’t know Knicks fans, what you guys think? You think Melo is being sincere about never discussing his no-trade clause? Or is he trying to save face with New Yorkers because the news leaked out. A report from earlier today said sources close to Melo were adamant he was open to waiving his no-trade clause if Phil Jackson could find a trade he would like to be apart of. Now Carmelo is saying not so fast, denying he has ever talked about it, but at least personally that is hard for me to believe.

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NBA: Report, Carmelo Anthony Already Open To Being Traded!


Well this damn sure didn’t take long! Now Knicks fans you can relax for a minute, Carmelo is not asking to be traded. But numerous sources close to him are saying he is ready to waive his no-trade clause if Phil Jackson is able to locate a team Melo would be interested in playing for. This news pretty much gives us some insight into Melo’s current mentality after the WORST start in Knicks franchise history!

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony May Undergo Knee Surgery


As if the Knicks season couldn’t get any worse, recent reports are indicating that Carmelo Anthony may have to undergo knee surgery. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Amar’e Looks Young Again With This Tough One-Handed Slam Over Anderson Varejao


The Knicks lost to the Cleveland Cavs last night but it was not for lack of effort. The Knicks actually played a pretty good overall game against a touch team, but Kyrie Irving went off for 37 points which was pretty much the difference in the end. A good thing for NY fans to hold onto however is the fact Amar’e Stoudemire has been looking like the young Amar’e who was with the Phoenix Suns. The same Amar’e Knicks fans hoped they would get when he signed here. Health issues have somewhat deterred his career the past few seasons but don’t tell Anderson Varejao that, as he was on the wrong end of a poster dunk courtesy of Amar’e!

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(Video) NBA: Knicks Carmelo “Made In NY” Sneak Peek Pt. 1


NY Knicks’ star, Carmelo Anthony, provided exclusive insight to his life as a free agent. He reveals, Chicago “had been the number one choice.” However, fans, media and other reasons persuaded his decision to stay in New York, despite showing such strong favor towards the Chicago Bulls originally. Hit the jump for exclusive sneak peek on Melo spilling the beans on how he had been torn in between the two choices!

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NBA: Say What? Carmelo Anthony Says Chicago Was “Perfect” For Him


Chicago must not of been so perfect cause Carmelo Anthony is still wearing the blue and orange of the Knicks, but the fact that he is speaking about it now has to make you wonder if he is regretting his choice. Carmelo had the world at his fingers this summer as he went on a free agent tour, focusing on the Knicks, Chicago and Houston. The Knicks could pay him about $30 million more than any other team, so he took the money and stayed in NY, despite them being a mediocre team at best.

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NBA: He’s Back! Russell Westbrook To Return Tonight Against The Knicks


The Knicks season that already appears to be headed for a long, ugly journey just got a little harder as it was announced that Russell Westbrook will return for the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, just in time to welcome the Knicks. At first glance the matchup against OKC could of been good for the Knicks as they struggle early in the season and could use a win against a depleted Thunder team. That theory however changed real fast with this announcement.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Teyana Taylor Shows Off Her Backside on Date Night with Iman Shumpert


Gotta love these two as a couple!!!  Yep, Knicks baller Iman Shumpert & Teyana Taylor are still going strong!!  Last night they had a nice “date night.”  Both took to Instagram to share a picture.  Check out what they did & what they had to say about it…

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(Video) NBA: Tyson Chandler Discusses His Time With The Knicks, Says He Felt Like He Was A Scapegoat At Times


Chandler was an integral piece to the Knicks for a few seasons before returning back to the Mavericks during the off season as part of a 6 player trade. In a recent interview with ESPN, Chandler discussed his struggles last season. Hit the jump for details.

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