The man at the center of the bullying case within the Miami Dolphins organization is having all his dirty laundry aired. Despite some loyal Dolphins teammates attempting to defend him, it is clear over the years that Incognito is not what you would call a great guy. Anytime a issue like what is currently happening in Miami comes up, you know other dirt will be found. This is no exception. Hit the jump to see what he reportedly did to a woman last year.


Incognito reportedly molested a volunteer at a Dolphins charity golf outing last year. According to the report it states the the female volunteer told police that Incognito “used his golf club to touch her by rubbing it up against her vagina, then up her stomach then to her chest. He then used the club to knock a pair of sunglasses off the top of her head.

“After that, he proceeded to lean up against her buttocks with his private parts as if dancing, saying ‘Let it rain! Let it rain!'” the report states. “He finally finished his inappropriate behavior by emptying bottled water in her face.”

Charges were never filed, but the woman explained she hasn’t said anything sooner about him because she was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement. The fact she was forced to sign one usually means she was paid by Incognito and his lawyers to make it go away. The more info that comes out about him makes it harder to say he was joking with Johnathan Martin through all this so called bullying.