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Isn’t this a tad bit awkward … and late?! Deion Sanders has been in a relationship with Tracey Edmonds for a while now & her ex-husband Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds (divorced in 2005) is speaking on their relationship. Does Babyface feel a certain way about her dating Mr. Primetime?!
Check out his reaction & the story he has about Deion when asked about it…



Via TMZ:

If anyone’s gonna have sex with Babyface’s ex-wife, the legendary music producer is glad it’s Deion Sanders.

Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds — who divorced ex-wife Tracey Edmonds in 2005 — recently sat for an interview with Oprah, and explained how Tracey’s new BF Deion approached him for a man-to-man talk to make sure they had no problems with each other.

Babyface says he was blown away by Deion’s classy move to clear the air … and is totally at peace with Tracey’s new relationship. Check the clip.

Babyface has been catching some flack for the interview — he said he wasn’t “in love” with Tracey towards the end of their marriage.  But he tells TMZ, his words are being twisted. Babyface says he never stopped loving Tracey … their love just changed from love-love to friend-love.

Tracey’s not offended either way … calling the interview “beautiful.”