NFL: Deion Sanders Claims Video Will Show His Son Is Innocent Of Attacking School Official

Earlier this month, Deion Sanders’ son, was accused of beating the crap out of a school attendant and causing him to have spinal surgery. Can you see my face? Well, Deion claims that the dude is lying and the security footage will exonerate Shihlo.

NFL: Deion Sanders Sued For His Son’s Alleged Brutal Attack on School Employee

A Dallas high school employee claims Deion Sander’s teenage son brutally attacked him on school grounds.  The employee says Sanders beat him so badly, he needed spinal surgery.

(Video) NFL: Deion Sanders Says He’s Worried About Kanye West & Wants to Help Him

Kanye West has been tweeting A LOT lately expressing his thoughts and revealing information that many weren’t privy to.  Some people think he’s trolling to drum up publicity but others are wondering if he’s seriously in trouble and needs help.  One of Ye’s tweets revealed that’s he’s $53 million in debt and he’s been lobbying for other rich people to help him reach his goals including Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.  There’s someone else offering to help and it’s Deion Sanders.

(Photo) NFL: Deion Sanders Sons Say He Kicked Them Out Of The House On Christmas

Two of Deion Sanders sons are claiming he threw them out of his house on Christmas day after they showed up to see him. Both Shilo & Shedeur Sanders said their father threw them out after discovering they had both gotten their ears pierced but according to the brothers it was more than that.

NFL: Deion Sanders Awarded $2.2 Million In Defamation Lawsuit Against His Ex-Wife

Deion Sanders is feeling like a winner today, thanks to a judge ruling in his favor in a big way! Prime Time was awarded $2.2 million dollars in his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Pilar.

(Photo) NFL: Deion Sanders Calls Out His Son On Twitter, Reminds Him He Isn’t Hood At All!

Deion Sanders went into full dad mode and checked his son on social media. Deion Sanders Jr seems to think he grew up in a rough hood’ and from the looks of some online videos he also thinks he has a future as a rapper. Only problem is he is the furthest thing from “hood” and his dad took the chance to remind him of that. Another example of a young kid trying to be something he really isn’t, but honestly isn’t that most teenagers at one time or another? Check the gallery!

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